Don’t Be a Sucker

We interrupt our Drumpf Chronicling to bring our readers this important Public Service Announcement, courtesy of some prescient (or rather tragically well informed) folks from 70 years ago.

Quaint, but true, chillingly so. Please share widely.

20 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Sucker

  1. Good stuff. Though, I must admit, Free Masons aren’t only awful and evil, they’re dumb. Why in the hell would anyone want to do masonry work for free? Man, that shit’s some HARD, back-breakin’ work, and they do it for free?! Fools! 🙂 Now, the Paid Masons, those dudes rock, and they’re fun to go drinking with cause they usually pick up the tab. Apparently, paid masonry is a lucrative job. 🙂

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