Quote of the Day — or Drumpf Chronicles, Part 3

From Washington Post‘s interview with Herr Drumpf:

HIATT: So what do you think China’s aims are in the South China Sea?

TRUMP: Well I know China very well, because I deal with China all the time. I’ve done very well. China’s unbelievably ambitious. China is, uh… I mean, when I deal with China, you know, I have the Bank of America building, I’ve done some great deals with China. I do deals with them all the time on, you know, selling apartments, and, you know, people say ‘oh that’s not the same thing.’ The level of… uh, the largest bank in the world, 400 million customers, is a tenant of mine in New York, in Manhattan. The biggest bank in China. The biggest bank in the world.

China has got unbelievable ambitions. China feels very invincible. We have rebuilt China. They have drained so much money out of our country that they’ve rebuilt China. Without us, you wouldn’t see the airports and the roadways and the bridges; I mean, the George Washington Bridge is like, that’s like a trinket compared to the bridges that they’ve built in China. We don’t build anymore, and it, you know, we had our day. But China, if you look at what’s going on in China, you know, they go down to seven percent or eight percent and it’s like a national catastrophe. Our GDP is right now zero. Essentially zero.

That’s just one depressing choice quote from among so many there. The Washington Post appears to have dispensed with its paywall requirement (after a limited number of free articles) for this interview, perhaps considering its importance. So read and weep.


13 thoughts on “Quote of the Day — or Drumpf Chronicles, Part 3

    • Truly inspirational, though. Because if someone with below average IQ and a flaming personality disorder can be accepted to and graduate from a prestigious business school, and one day run for president, there is hope for everyone, right?

      And it’s not as though we have not seen this before (looking at you, Dubya).


      The presidential race on the Republican side has been a race to the bottom for the time I remember. It’s always the contest between dumb and dumber. Not surprising one bit, but revealing all the same.

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  1. “They want to take it over, don’t they? Will you send warships?”

    To direct questions, prevarication is sometimes the best response. I don’t trust him to respond well to China, but I can see why he would not want to specify a position. Confronting China is different from confronting Mexico.

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    • Then I read a bit of the transcript. He has no opinion on racial disparities in law enforcement. Dodge, dodge, dodge- solve the problem with more jobs. I would want him to share ideas on that.

      So maybe I should change my last comment. These are all important matters. Dunno-

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      • There is no there there, Clare. It’s not that he is guarding his opinions/plans so as not to reveal them to the enemy. He has no significant or useful opinions on anything. He does not know or understand anything beyond the rapacious needs of his overblown ego*, which is a destructive, power-hungry, and manipulative (but also painfully empty and shallow) monster with no brakes.

        His responses to questions of facts and policies are either slippery (like the response to racial disparities in LE, where he does not want to reveal his true thoughts because he knows they are unpopular: no, he does not really believe there are any such disparities, but does not want to alienate the reality-based bloc of voters) or completely bonkers, like the response to the China question, filled with self-aggrandized non sequiturs.

        He is just not a very bright man, intelligence-wise. And his narcissism impairs whatever little cognitive capacity there is by making it impossible for him to be interested in, or comprehend, anything that’s not related to his base needs.

        He is dumb and primitive, but also insatiably power- and adulation hungry.

        *Correction: I don’t believe he really understands the needs of his rapacious ego; but those needs are his one and only interest.

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      • I don’t believe he really understands the needs of his rapacious ego; but those needs are his one and only interest.

        You might be right. A vision of Hell for him, and for us if he is elected. I have just been reading, in a serious UK magazine, about the intricacies of the 12th amendment!

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