Blessed Be The Poor

Blessed be the poor
For always being there
Ready to meekly accommodate
Our efforts to save them from their fate

Blessed be the poor
For always being there
In a place close enough to travel on vacation
But safely distant from our home
Blessed be the poor
For always being there
As cannon fodder, voting bloc,
And a subject of treatises and dissertations
Blessed be the poor
For always being there
Giving us a chance to talk about oppression
And justice with genuine emotion
Blessed be the poor
For always being there
To make us feel worse for a brief moment
But better for the rest of our life
Blessed be the poor
For always being there
With just enough presence to assure our salvation
But not so much to spoil the party
Blessed be the poor
For always being there
To grow religions and cathedrals
Without claiming either
Blessed be the poor
For always being there



14 thoughts on “Blessed Be The Poor

  1. Well said… and well said. I do not believe there is “a solution” to this social error. It’s a species issue; a defective computing mechanism that has been effectively manipulated through paranoia, fear and propaganda by the elites since… well, since there were elites because that’s the only way elites can exist: by “farming” the large disempowered group called “the poor” – keeping them dispossessed, disenfranchised, vulnerable, hungry, ignorant and angry. Hunger and anger can be turned to slave labour and boots on the ground anytime. Ignorance guarantees they’ll believe the elitist lies about themselves, and about “enemies” and they will growl and snarl and want to kill. Like in America today: why no jobs? Well obviously it used to be because of irrational demands from unions. Now that unions are gone it’s because of illegal immigrants taking all the good jobs. Why the costly, never-ending, never-won wars? Will obviously because of terrorists who hate all the good things America stands for.

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    • It is most definitely a species issue, and an intractable one, it seems.

      As you know, I was raised under Communism, which purported to eradicate inequality and injustice. To do so, its movers and shakers first had to slaughter and starve millions of people — out with the old, in with the new; and then convince the remaining masses to adopt to the New and Improved Ways of Life or else. The “or else” option had to be kept in the forefront of our minds by various means, lest we slipped in our ideological purity and forgot.

      We eradicated poverty in a sense, as everyone was mostly poor — and there were undeniable social and psychological benefits to it. There were no homeless, no beggars, no unemployed; and prostitution was practically non-existent, certainly in our shared consciousness. We had free (and very decent) health care and higher education (also very decent — better, actually), men and women were equal, children were the greatest national resource, and our 5-year production plans hummed along according to the Communist party’s schedules. Our brilliant poets, including the talented and gentle Wislawa Szymborska who went on to win the Nobel in 1996, wrote paeans to Communism and Its Glorious Leaders, which we, then school kids, had to memorize and recite with earnest pride. (My husband and I recently dug up a few of those shameful poems and we marveled.)

      But even in that just and equal society there were people who were more equal than others — a saying to that effect became a sarcastic meme which we repeated with relish, though mostly in whispers and looking around our shoulders to make sure it was safe to be so treasonous. Greed, corruption, dishonesty, nepotism, and other forms of abuse were rampant as well, especially among the party elites. The growing oppression and deepening economic hardship eventually led to the collapse of this glorious system, to be substituted, to much fanfare, with the vastly superior free-market capitalism ushering in a new, more free era of greed, corruption, dishonesty, nepotism, etc.

      And so it goes.


      • Oh, I didn’t know you’d grown up under USSR type communism. I used to say, the horrors capitalism inflicts upon “the rest of the world” the Kremlin inflicts on its own, within it’s own sphere of influence. In other words, the only difference between the two empires was how the propaganda was manipulated. Under US imperialism, if you were at the trough, chances are you could have a relatively safe life, but if you were of those enslaved to fill the trough, you were expendable, and usually “the enemy” to be subdued forever. …and so it goes… indeed.

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      • Oh, yes.

        What one learns through such adventures of life is that the trough is nearly always the same everywhere we go, occupied by the same characters that differ only in externalities but share the fundamentally same character structure (with minor variations).

        And like weeds in the garden, they are the strongest and most resilient specimens that grow in any conditions, dwarfing and suffocating the gentler, more cultivated but weaker plants. It takes constant and unceasing vigilance to keep the weeds in check so that the valuable seedlings may grow and blossom. Alas, we are not very good at that task (yet?).


      • The question: Who are the weeds? Have you read “Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes
        by Andrew M. Lobaczewski”? Most, if not all, political leaders, and power-wielders possess anti-social personalities. Most have no conscience at all and most feel entirely OK with doing whatever they want since they feel absolutely no guilt and no remorse. Unless and until they are forcefully stopped and removed from positions of power things can only get worse. Now, what about the rest of the sheeple? Two things. One, they are extremely naive and believe that Earthians are innately good – despite all evidence to the contrary. Two, they admire the rich and powerful sociopaths they accept as leaders. They have always done this, and in all likelihood will continue to believe in their leaders, or in some counter-leader, some rebel, again failing to realize that within the Matrix, things must, and will, remain the same. As my history teacher used to repeat: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

        What’s wrong with people that they accept this? It’s in their DNA. Programming – from day one. You’ve heard of the concept, the “soul” most likely? What is a soul? It’s an implant, automatically given to every Earthian during its gestation period, rarely after it is born, but that too happens. This controlling implant was designed by man’s “creators” to ensure the species would remain what an author calls “the slave species of God” and never break free. Fortunately there have been exceptions. Some were missed, and some, such as myself, discovered how to have the implant removed. Nuts? Oh yes, definitely, if one reasons from within society’s boundaries.

        Implanted Earthians find themselves “forced” to believe in one or another “leader” or “god” or “system” – it’s a form of idolatry or faith. Few ever realize that their hive instinct is an artificial manipulation; that self-empowerment and self-determination is the normal way for ISSA (Intelligent, Sentient and Self Aware) entities to operate. Earthians are programmed to believe that only through collective effort can they ever accomplish anything. They cannot “see” that it is the collective efforts that are screwing them up and killing them, and their world. All collective efforts are monitored and guided through the soul implant. No “rebellion” or real change can ever, ever succeed. OK, nuff said here.

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      • The weeds are, of course, psychopaths and their ilk (narcissists and narcissistic psychopaths) — also see my latest post (for example). They are mightily resilient, and take over and destroy any garden if we let them.

        Yes, I am familiar with Lobaczewski’s work. He is talked about, a bit, in our convo under “Narcissistic Psychopath in Chief” post on this site.

        I believe you are right in your assessment of the Earthians’ motivations and the state of humanity in general.

        Your thoughts on the soul implant are intriguing. How does one remove it?


      • “Your thoughts on the soul implant are intriguing. How does one remove it?”

        I was “afraid” you’d ask. 🙂 If this is serious, then we’re entering the realm of spirituality and metaphysics, not difficult for me since I’ve been a “walker between worlds” from the time I was born, but impossible for most Earthians to grasp because they walk on only one world: earth – and its Matrix-driven beliefs, including organized religion which blinds.

        The process was, first becoming aware of the soul as a controlling implant, then figuring out a way to remove it, like you would a surveillance bug. You can’t destroy a “soul” and it has no physical location so it’s a question of contacting those that monitor these things and getting them to remove it. That’s what self-empowerment is really all about. In the “spirit” world there are rules, and laws, much like we have in the physical.

        A soul implant is a violation, the rape of an individual’s mind so the propaganda has been carefully constructed to convince the implanted slaves that they are their soul, or they are a soul; essential and a good thing. That’s a lie, like insisting that a woman being raped enjoys it. Once you become aware of this violation you can put your mind to work at ways to counteract it. That’s what most people do, subconsciously. But its an endless, stupid fight.

        To have the implant removed then, requires confrontation with the implanters. Only a visionary can do this. You have to literally go to those entities, much like filing a case in court, and present your case to them. I made a deal with them that we both could live with. A trade, if you will. Recognizing that legally they “own” this world, one has to figure out what they want; what they need; what they’d trade for. Well, they do like challenges, as long as they feel they can remain in control. On a slave world even a free individual cannot be free, but can have a different status under the hegemony.

        I bargained thus: I know you own this world and I’m here at your sufferance, but I demand my freedom from your soul implant. Remove it and I will pay “rent” to you in exchange. I won’t fight for you, but I will do things that you can take credit for – such as expressing compassion, helping others, living a life of service. You’re dangerously overloaded on the side of selfishness and greed, you need this. You need someone like me, and you’ll still control my body – it’s not like I’ll disappear as soon as I’m free. I can’t commit suicide as you well know, having made another pact with other people to remain here and serve for as long as my body lasts. As to the afterwards, let’s worry about that when it happens. I demand my mind be freed.

        The bargaining session was long and hard but they knew I’d never back down, never quit and never willingly serve them whatever they did. I already had 30 years of non-cooperation with the System under my belt by then and they knew I knew. I got what I wanted. The price was, and is, high, but when my body dies they have no claim to me then. I choose my direction this time and I have one. That is the main point of the whole soul removal thing. If you die “ensouled” then you have to line up where they tell you to, and they get to decide where you go. You remain a mind-slave.

        There is a passage in the Christian new testament that says, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the powers, against the authorities, against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Of course the writer himself didn’t realize he was a servant of those forces of evil but that takes nothing away from his insight. I learned the deep truth of that statement.

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      • Fascinating.

        You speak of having a soul as enslavement, Sha’Tara, which is very different from the most commonly used meaning of the term as the seat of all that’s uniquely human — and good — about us. Like our conscience, for example. I’m guessing this is what “they” want us to believe.

        What is the soul then, in your understanding of it? I get the microchip analogy and the control aspect of it; but what specifically does the soul encompass, in your view?

        Or, differently perhaps, what remains after you remove the soul?

        I’m smiling here. I’m officially an atheist — although more accurately an agnostic; but I find myself not at all surprised by anything you say, and, what’s more, I understand what you are talking about. Well, at least I think I do (and maybe I’m wrong on that).


      • Plunging right in, the soul is the root source of all of man’s belief systems. When you say, “I believe in (fill in the blanks)” that’s soul programming talking. And if feels so right and proper too, no matter that what is believed in has historically been proven to not work, or to lead the catastrophic results. The soul effect overrides logic and common sense. It overrides reason and deduction. It allows for huge gaps and holes in going from cause to effect. Soul programming is irrationality.

        What is the soul? That’s like asking, what is a mind. The soul is artificially attached to the mind and controls it, so it’s a control “mechanism” only is isn’t part of the material world. It’s a “spirit” thing. I know that’s a non-answer, certainly doesn’t explain anything to anyone who rejects outright, or seriously doubts the existence of a spirit realm. So we reach a quandary: no one can understand “soul” who rejects “spirit” as a real and active force in life. I was taught by ‘the Teachers’ (from other dimensions, not this one) that spirit is considered by more advanced societies to be at the root of all life. Life emerges from thought and thought is expression or spirit. From life comes various forms of materiality which “creates” dense and complex worlds suited to sensual awareness. ISSA (Intelligent, Sentient, Self Aware) minds get pulled into the density and the deeper they go, the less aware they remain of their actual source. If nothing happens to shock the mind back from its addiction to mass and weight it loses its connection completely and becomes a physical being. That being is short lived, confused and weak. It needs “help” to make sense of itself and that’s where “gods” and leaders and bosses rise above them to enslave them. The “gods” which rule this part or the cosmos invented the soul to control their slaves and to ensure that when they die they can have their memories (which now reside in the soul “cloud” and not in the individual mind) wiped so when they come back for another round they are convinced they are newborns, never been here before and they have but one life in which to make good. Religious types who believe in a literal heaven or hell are no problem since that placates the residual awareness that there is more to life than one physical kick at the cat. The Matrix has it’s special effects on full for the Christian or Muslim who dies. They see what they expected to see, are put to sleep, mind wiped and returned to slavery non the wiser.

        If you’ve followed this very brief outline, you can “see” how the soul is used by the mind controllers to keep their sheeple from rebelling against them and guarantee they will continue to repeat themselves for as long as the controllers desire it.

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      • Thank you very much, Sha’Tara. I will have to mull over it a bit — of course I have tons of questions already.

        I am not at all hostile to spirituality, more so since I’ve had spiritual experiences of my own, and have also studied them in the context of human development.

        There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy, that much I know. I do try to be mindful of a line between “genuine” spirituality and woo, but it is not always clear.

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  2. I’ll get back to you on the soul thing. For now, consider this: the Bible claims that God made man in his image, and a living soul. Now consider the evidence for man: all the things that ensouled, image of god being, has done, and is doing. Is it truly good? Is man’s history one of good always triumphing over evil, and man evolving into a morally better and better being?


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