Drumpf Chronicles: “My African American”

This is must see to believe.

As you laugh or cringe — or both — pay attention to the Trump sign on the podium — it was affixed properly at the beginning of that… performance, but it just couldn’t take it any more, kinda like the rest of us.

And who can blame it? Even inanimate objects — signs with his own name on them, no less — cannot stand Agent Orange’s inane bloviations.

It is both a symbol of the quality of Trump’s “brand” and a portent of things to come (one hopes):

You are going down, Slippery Don.

And not a moment too soon.

Edited: A great column Trump wants thanks? Here it is by Rex Huppke.


11 thoughts on “Drumpf Chronicles: “My African American”

    • A sentiment shared by many, John, but not many enough.

      It is embarrassing, really, to think that out of millions of (theoretically at least) eligible Americans, this individual has become the presidential candidate of a major American party and one so enthusiastically supported by so many. Not surprising, given all we know about such things, and particularly the party he represents, but embarrassing all the same.

      People all over the world ask, “Why Trump?” and shake their heads.

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