Drumpf Chronicles: The huuuge elephant in the room

This should be the beginning of the Agent Orange’s end already, if our journalists were doing their job. The man is running for our president, for Pete’s sake. His pathological mind is in full view of everyone (everyone who wants to keep their eyes open, that is).

But then the same could have been said about any and all Trump’s “productions,” and not just from this election, but from any time in this man’s history — which, let’s remember, has been an open book (or two, or three).

The media must stop already covering Trump as if he were a normal candidate, one whose pronouncements had any value beyond signaling his profound pathology.

The failure of our journalists, as well as mental health experts, to seriously discuss the man’s flaming personality disorder and its consequences is as peculiar as it is unforgivable; it is also, however, unsurprising.

“This is a marvelous demagogue who can really inspire loyalty.”

“This guy is a clown. He’s like a caricature of himself.”

The media both idealized and devalued another similarly disordered character from the past who set out to show the world how great he was and how much adulation he deserved, Adolf Hitler.

They do this, every time, with every extreme (psychopathic) narcissistic leader / public character because his pathology evokes just that very kind of response in people, media people included: it makes us either laugh in disbelief and contempt, or idolize his hyped-up “skills” — which are really nothing more than expressions of his profound pathology — often both at the same time. And while the public is both amused and mesmerized by the future tyrant’s larger-than-life persona, he ever so persistently marches toward his ultimate goal unimpeded.

The predictable and co-occurring idealization and devaluation are two emotional states that generally define a narcissist’s attitude toward himself (idealization) and others (devaluation). He projects them, primitively — i.e., without any self-reflection or inhibitions, as there is no functioning conscience to impose such “obstacles” on his mental processes and behavior — onto the world and constructs an entire ideology from them. This pathological process that, when dressed up in grandiose and empty sloganeering on patriotism and other perverted “ideals,” is mistaken for “political brilliance” and other such dangerous nonsense, inspires people, who see in the narcissistic leader a chance for fulfillment of their frustrated needs, to follow him, even if straight into an abyss.

We shall discuss this peculiar, but common development more in the near future, fates permitting, but now it really is time to start talking seriously about Trump’s incurable character defect, one he shares with the nastiest types in human history, and its dangerous ramifications for the world.

Everything the man says has to be considered a product of his disordered mind. It is unconscionable to treat it otherwise as it only creates confusion and discord; sends the media and the nation on an absurd mission of finding meaning in his inane and/or sadistic and self-aggrandizing bloviations; and makes the world alternately laugh at us and fear our collective stupidity.

Enough already. Time to call this spade a spade.

P.S. Also see Too Sick To Lead: The Lethal Personality Disorder of Donald Trump.

And then go — no, run — to read Frederick Burkle’s Antisocial Personality Disorder and Pathological Narcissism in Prolonged Conflicts and Wars of the 21st Century.


33 thoughts on “Drumpf Chronicles: The huuuge elephant in the room

    • Yes, time indeed. Will it happen? Or will we succumb to The Leader’s mesmerizing “brilliance” (fortified with the threats of lawsuits and a collusion from his sycophants and lackeys eager to defend him at all cost), and then, years from now (if humanity still exists), wonder how did it all happen?

      There were people in the 1930’s Germany who were warning the public against Hitler. That included some psychoanalysts talking about his pathology and its predictable development and consequences. They were, obviously, ignored.

      We just don’t learn.


  1. I hear you. Your readers hear you. Certain segments of society hear you. But based on the polls, a vast majority have their fingers in their ears and are singing la-la-la.

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    • Mhm.

      And not just that, but they revel in his sadism and primitivism, smelling blood and opportunity to shed it to avenge their real and imagined wounds.

      The collective narcissistic rage demands its validation and outlet, and it finds both in Trump. The “dog whistles” people observe him issue to his most ardent supporters are just that: not too veiled promises of sanctioned violence.


      • He is a fracking giant Arse-Hat.
        Believe it or not this is the very first thing about Trump I have actually sat and listened to in its entirety.
        I generally have no interest in politics, your country’s or mine, but if this guy gets the nod not only will the US be the laughing stock of the entire world … and you thought no one could trump(sic) Bush – your are going to be up shit-creek without a paddle.
        Put another way, I would rather have Jacob Zuma for three terms than this Dick for one, I shit you not.
        A short while ago – just be fore Trump – I listened to that bloke Sanders for the first time as well.
        Aside from a bit of political fluff he seems a straight up and down sort of bloke and has his head screwed on the right away. He’s the best politician I have heard in years.
        If you lot don’t vote for him you will get the President you deserve.
        The best of luck. You lot are going to need it!

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      • “… the US be the laughing stock of the entire world …”. We past this mile stone the minute this jackass announced his bid to run for president. I’m past the laughing stage, myself. I’m currently in the deep crying stage.

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      • Yes, we will. Especially when President Trump appoints Ivanka to Supreme Court, makes Eric his Secretary of State, and Donnie Jr. the Sec. of Defense.


    • There will be no knobs or doors on Trump’s wall, only a sign that reads,”Thanks for building, and paying for this wall, Mexicans. Now, STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF IT!!! Sincerely, The American People and their Lord And Savior, Donnie Trump”

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  2. That video- CNN works like a standard political interview. Trump says “He’s Mexican”, interviewer says “He’s from Indiana”, Trump says judge makes bad judgments because he is biased because he is Mexican. The contradiction does not work: rather than showing Trump’s lies it turns them into ordinary political discourse, expressed in the usual way. John Oliver’s analysis, looking at soundbites and then saying the truth, worked better. I would let him ramble, then patiently and calmly, without anger or incredulity, explain what was wrong with what he says.

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    • Your approach is the right one, Clare. He needs to be treated seriously, but have his blatant and manipulative lies dismantled calmly, exactly as you say: without anger or incredulity. Infusing the discourse with any negative emotion is going to instantly inflame him, activate his ever-present sense of victimhood, and provoke a barrage of accusations of unfairness, etc.

      The problem, of course, is that he interrupts and demands time to talk, and does not respect the give-and-take.(When that happens, the interview should just end. He’d mope and whine and worse, but tough.)

      The media have treated him with kid gloves so far, not wanting to piss him off. This kind treatment may end soon (let’s hope).

      Do you have the link to the Oliver segment?


      • I think I got it from you, but here in the UK it was licensed to The Independent. I was awake early this morning reading dissections of him in the Washington Post, getting more and more nervous. “Hillary should be in jail” this early in the campaign: the nastiness could get extremely violent.

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      • Oh, I see. I thought there was a new Oliver segment that I’ve not watched.

        Violence is inevitable, I’m afraid, even though it is *unacceptable.*

        Violence and destruction are encoded in Trump’s character defect: he incites them on purpose, consciously and not, because watching people fight over him or on his orders, whether explicit or not, gives him a sense of power and sadistic pleasure. That’s part and parcel of malignant narcissism that he embodies to a T.


      • Hitler parallels are not far-fetched at all.

        If anything, Hitler was even a tad more evolved, in terms of his psychology, than Trump. He had some “ideals,” sick as they were, and some knowledge of the basics (like geography). Trump has nothing beyond his stark raving grandiosity and flamingly pathological, naked compulsion to “win.”

        But their essential similarity stands, and should be a warning to all.

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      • Oh, and I have just been reading about Trump University. It was well named, and shows what adding “Trump” to a word achieves: just as “Trump University” is to a University, so “President Trump” would be to, say, “President Reagan”.

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  3. When Trump speaks about “weak leaders”, does he mean George Bush the younger and more idiotic?
    I see a problem of US culture still being racist. Race is a delicate issue, that is still seen by too many as an issue. It is not. It does not represent anything at all. Humans are of one race, one species and thats about it. People having different perplexions and cultural heritages should not be any sort of an issue in the court of law. Should it? If a judge makes descisions based on rather on their bias for cultural heritage, be it their own, or anyone involved at all, should be investigated by the justice system, not accused by the person who feels to have been wronged, especially if the person is a political candidate, to gain political momentum by throwing about as of yet unproven allegations.

    At first I was amused by Trump entering politics, because I failed to see how he represents the resentment of all the ignoramuses who feel threatened by the fact that the world changes around them, all the ignoramuses who want to identify to his “success” story (that he keeps repeating ad nauseatum) and all selfish people who identify to his fascistic values and the emotionally handicapped who want to identify to his bravado and shameless ability to cause an outrage and not be taken down by it, as happens to his these stupid supporters of his, when they try to do the same.

    Then I saw the video on wich he “jokes” that his supporters were so loyal to him, they would not report him to the authorities, if they wittnessed him murdering someone. Now regardless wether this was a joke, or not, it is not just something said in bad taste, it is an appeal, a subcoscious demand for loyalty far beyond all human decency, any social morals and it seems to appeal to the worse in the worst humans. This should be a loud and clear alarm bell to the voters. Even to the person who otherwise agrees with Donald on everything should stop here and recall their support to that sort of man. I am shocked, that this obvious egotist has found such a support base and I can only blame the poor state of the US education system. – Then again, Germany was the best educated nation in the world, when Hitler rose to power. Maybe I am making the wrong conclusions?

    There is this problem of journalism, that far too often the journalist tries hard to be “neutral”, when infact good journalism is all about finding out about truth and facts, not presenting all the possible views, regardless of how many people share the idea, or how insane it might be, as equal.

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  4. “George Bush The Younger and More Idiotic” — this should have been his official name and title! (lol) I love it.

    You’ve forced me to re-watch this interview, Raut. And, OMG.


    I cannot tell who exactly he refers to, but it is obvious that in this swamp-like morass of primitive drives known as Trump’s (ahem) mind, “weak leaders” are those who are not psychopathic narcissistic thugs like himself. So even though Dubya was a psychopath (and a destructive idiot), my guess is that he would not be sufficiently malignant for Trump to earn the title of a strong leader.

    “This should be a loud and clear alarm bell to the voters.”

    YES. And if that did not suffice, his mocking the disabled reporter. And if that did not suffice… etc. etc.

    Something is terribly rotten in Denmark… I mean, the US, and too many people still pretend not to notice. The media has failed to catch it in time, but so did almost everyone else.


    • What “the world” likes to ignore is the fact that something was ALWAYS terribly wrong with the US. There never was a historically factual time when the US was anything but a horribly dysfunctional society. Pea-brain Bush Jr. and now Trump-Killary are just stage clowns whose job, aware or not, like it or not, was, and is, to pull back the curtain off the corrupt vileness that was ALWAYS America. Welcome, Killary, and a glorious win to you, Trump. Great job. You truly are an American hero for agreeing to be the shit-encrusted lid that would be pulled off the Great Septic Tank, bringing the maggots out into the sun so they can be naturally fried. Now bring on the scavengers for the greatest feast on earth.

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      • YES.

        A nation founded on violence is doomed to conflict, chaos, and more violence until it reckons with its dark side, makes amends, and corrects its ways. That’s a universal karmic law*. And we see it — or should see it, if we weren’t willfully blind — in front of our very eyes.

        “You truly are an American hero for agreeing to be the shit-encrusted lid that would be pulled off the Great Septic Tank, bringing the maggots out into the sun so they can be naturally fried. Now bring on the scavengers for the greatest feast on earth.”

        Ahh. You have a way with words, my friend. You should send it to The Donald. Chances are he’d take it as a compliment. 😉

        *I’ve just made it up –I’m playing fast and loose with the karmic stuff, which is your domain; but it is so obvious it hurts. Or should. If we paid attention to the pain.

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