11 thoughts on “George Carlin: The Male Disease

  1. Love Carlin. Hate Trump. He wants to hit speakers at the DNC! This sack of poo is running for PRESIDENT, and thinks asking Russia to hack Clinton’s emails and hitting DNC speakers is acceptable behavior. What a pig, a thin-skinned, little spoiled rotten brat of a narcissist. Lordy be, but do I HATE this guy.

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  2. Yep.

    What’s remarkable is that there is no discussion of that outburst in the media today. It is, I suppose, considered non-news-worthy: Trump as usual, so no need to notice it any more.

    How low can we go?

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  3. This Trump character… I was wondering, after seeing this video… did he accidentally pop out of a pornographic animated cartoon video? That would explain some parts of this whole Twilight Zone thing.


    • He did pop out of something equally dark and scary, and yet entirely (and increasingly) normal: the aspect of humanity that’s bereft of a conscience. Some call it evil, for others it is a good adjustment and success.

      What’s worrisome is that despite so many seemingly well-known examples of such characters in our history, far and near, so many decent people today are unable to recognize such characters for what they are. “But he is so successful! He loves his children! He has not eaten live puppies! C’mon, he is not so bad.”

      This willfully cultivated blindness is one of the most fascinating and dangerous aspects of human behavior.

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  4. Yes. This is how a pathocracy functions and thrives. Sadly, psychopaths rise to power in nearly every society on Earth, regardless of its political and economic system.

    This is a very good article, BTW, including its excellent discussion of the diagnostic problems in psychopathy.

    There are quite a few mental health professionals who are unable and/or unwilling to recognize psychopathy; and there are also those who believe that it is a good thing (or at least not bad, not bad at all). Chilling.

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    • I think psychopathy attracts people who seek to control others, a path to power over, hence why it won’t go away. The only “cure” to psychopathy I know of is to become a compassionate person: then you become immune to any need to control anyone or any event.

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      • Right: empathy and compassion are the key to combating evil and making a better world with better human beings in it. That’s the task for us non-psychopathic ones, to cultivate empathy and compassion, because the true psychopaths are inherently incapable of experiencing either (that’s how we diagnose them as psychopaths — a chief diagnostic criterion is inability to experience affective empathy, and with it, compassion; they can, however, understand, intellectually, what makes people tick).

        Power attracts psychopaths; that’s why we find so many of them in positions of influence. The “natural-born” psychopaths are one thing; but there is an even larger group of those who were not entirely psychopathic early on but turned so through access to power and privilege — i.e., they did start in life with some rudimentary at least conscience, but those inklings of empathy, compassion, and decency were wiped out by a life of privilege and power, which tends to mute and often obliterate our conscience.

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