19 thoughts on “Quote of the… Day? Week? Lifetime? “Obama is the founder of ISIS”

  1. When power crushes an oppressed people, that power is always the “founder” of resistance movements, which predictably the power then labels terrorism. The French colonial forces of whom I’m very aware being French, used that terminology in Algeria, and in l’Indochine (Indochina or Vietnam as it came to be known after the CIA took over from the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu). The Americans continued using this terminology for purposes of propaganda to cover their own oppression. And so today, the same card is played on the deck by the oppressor world wide. And the sheeple buy it, until it’s their turn to become “terrorists” having belatedly realized they have been fleeced to the quick and are about to be filleted by the same forces they fought wars for. History repeats and repeats.

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  2. Wow. .just wow. .

    He mentioned that the rest of the world is laughing at the U.S. I am in Australia just now, and I can tell you that the only person who is being laughed at is tRump. On the popular news program (ABC), tRump is regularly referred to as, ‘the other guy’, as the newscasters refuse to state his name. I speak to people every day here and Australians are just as dumbfounded as Canadians as to how such a person ever became a contender for POTUS. Like me, they shake their heads in wonder every time he makes a fool of himself. (Which is every time he speaks in public).

    On the news program Q & A Monday night here, three of the five panelists were Americans. Not one of them had any positive thing to say about him – Linda Tirado, anti-poverty campaigner; PJ O’Rourke, author and satirist and Lydia Khalil, Middle East Analyst. PJ O’Rourke made the point of telling the audience that he comes from a long line of Republicans and he will not be voting Republican, for the first time in his life. He stated that he’s not a big fan of Hillary but she’s the logical choice. .

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    • But we are not supposed to talk about it!

      The American Psychiatric Association has just reaffirmed its well-meaning but problematic prohibition of “psychoanalyzing” the candidates (plural, yes). Meanwhile, the media is going to continue covering him as if he were a normal candidate and chase every pathological pronouncement that comes out of his mouth as if had any meaning beyond signaling his personal pathology (which includes conscience-free, sadistic manipulation of others for the purpose of self-aggrandizement).

      Making America Grate Again. He really meant it.

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  3. If we want to accuse presidents both present and former of being the “founder” of an evil movement because their policies left a vacuum to be filled with violence then perhaps, just perhaps, the Republicans’ pet president is actually the “founder” of ISIS. Certain the “founder” of Al Qaida. Reagan provided weapons to Osama Bin Laden and supported him in his effort to oust the Russians from Afghanistan and promised to leave Saudi when it was all over. We didn’t. Which pissed, a then empowered, Osama Bin Laden off so he sought revenge on the U.S. for what he saw as an invasion. I’m not agreeing with Bin Laden, only acknowledging his stance. So when, after several assaults against the U.S. internationally, he finally was able to exact his revenge domestically the U.S. declared war on Al Qaida/ISIS/Hamas/insert radical extremist of your choice.

    Sure, you can say it is the failed policies of the U.S. that has “created” these extremist uprisings but the Democrats, and certainly Barak Obama nor Hillary Clinton, are not shareholders of said failed policies. They damned sure haven’t cornered the market on failed Middle East policies. G’Dub and crew did a mighty fine job opening up a black hole into the Middle East.

    This guy is nothing more than a conspiracy theorist on steroids. It is shocking to me that 35% of this country are also nut jobs who buy into that crap.

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    • Quote: ” certainly Barak Obama nor Hillary Clinton, are not shareholders of said failed policies. They damned sure haven’t cornered the market on failed Middle East policies. G’Dub and crew did a mighty fine job opening up a black hole into the Middle East.”
      They certainly are shareholders, and the shares have gone up in value. Obama and Clinton could have closed the black hole – they chose to feed it instead; to expand said failed military measures. As today’s players, the failure necessarily falls on their shoulders. Further, Clinton will likely be the next POTUS and her record as a war-monger par excellence is well attested to. The “black hole” will grow by leaps and bounds under her policies. War is profitable business, and that’s the bottom line. Looking after the homeless, providing decent health care and social services; rebuilding the public education system and curbing racist police violence – it takes vision to recognize such policies as “profitable” and long-term vision is anathema to modern politics and politicians.

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      • Perhaps I could have worded it a bit better. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that their policies had somehow been better or that they couldn’t have taken a different route. More accurately, they haven’t cornered the market on poor Middle East policy. Both Democrats and Republicans make the business of war a priority.

        What many see as profitable is only in terms of dollars and cents. Investment into the lives of others isn’t necessarily considered profitable to those who only seek to advance themselves. That includes Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump says he was against the war in Iraq but he will have no problem whatsoever making war with anyone who crosses his orange thin skin.

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      • The business of war is America’s business. This is what The Important People omit when they so importantly remind us that America’s business is business. The accurate version of that saying is that America’s business is war — or war business rather.

        We must have an enemy to fight somewhere in the world at all times. We invent it, if one does not materialize soon enough.


    • American collective memory does not go that far. Most have already forgotten the nightmare of the Bush years. This is what “organized forgetting” (H. Giroux), and/or narcissistic blindness, does to people, individuals and entire nations.


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