Trump The Con Man

Another day, another con.

Agent Orange issued an “explanatory” tweet yesterday:

Ratings challenged @CNN reports so seriously that I call President Obama (and Clinton) “the founder” of ISIS, & MVP. THEY DON’T GET SARCASM?

And our journalists proceeded to discuss in earnest the difference between “jokes” and “sarcasm,” continued to wonder why Trump does not seem to be interested in “pivoting,” and engaged in mind-numbingly pointless “debates” with Trump’s thuggish surrogates whose job is to translate Trumpese into English by insisting that black is white and up is down, and anyone who does not believe so is itching for a fight. And they are all too happy to oblige.

This sordid spectacle boggles the mind more and more as our media types refuse to acknowledge the reality of the man’s apparent character defect. They seem to have come to terms, as much as that’s possible, with his “narcissism;” but judging by their reactions, they do not understand well what narcissism means, nor notice Trump’s glaringly missing conscience. They smirk ironically and call him “unconventional,” which says… something.

And as much as one wants to blame them (and one does), a significant portion of the responsibility for this ignorance falls on the mental health professionals who have failed in their role as public educators. And not just now. This failure to teach about character defects / disorders and their dangerous ramifications appears to be a feature rather than a bug of psychiatry and related fields, and not just American. Of course in a society where narcissists and psychopaths are admired and rewarded in multiple ways, these defects will not seem to be so defective, if at all, not even to the professionals. In a future post we’ll take a look at the various ways in which American mental health experts (not all) have misunderstood Trump’s character problem.

He, meanwhile, taunts the media (not undeservedly in this instance, one must say):

I love watching these poor, pathetic people (pundits) on television working so hard and so seriously to try and figure me out. They can’t!

One person who can and does is David Cay Johnston, whose new book, The Making of Donald Trump, has just been published. In it, Johnston unmasks Trump’s most unsavory deals and exposes his sadistic and manipulative, conscience-free character without the strained and misguided attempts to “understand the man,” i.e.,  whitewashing his consciencelessness in the name of being “fair and balanced” or something like it. (For comparison, see the soon-to-be-published book by two WaPo journalists, “Trump Revealed,” which promises to show the man as “[p]opulist, frustrating, naive, wise, forever on the make” — with the exception of the last one, these are mostly positive, or at worst neutral, attributes that could be ascribed to, say, any social reformer, from Gandhi to Sanders. The moral aspect — that of values, of differences between right and wrong — is completely absent in such whitewashing “evaluations;” this leads, in a manner typical for moral relativism, to a normalization of conscience-free characters.)

Kathy Kiely interviewed Johnston for Moyers & Company:

“The coverage [of Trump] has been extremely poor in my opinion,” Johnston, who at 67 clearly still enjoys making trouble*, pronounced at no less a lions’ den than the National Press Club on Thursday night in Washington. (…) The main reason he has “been extremely critical of my colleagues,” in the media Johnston said, is they’ve been too buttoned-down and professional. “They’re covering him as though he is a serious person,” Johnston said of the Republican presidential nominee.
Here is an interview Johnston gave France 24. When asked what Donald doesn’t want people to know, he says that, apart from his ties to mobsters and drug traffickers:
[Trump] doesn’t want you to know about his unbelievable cruelty to others, and his utter contempt for Christians, and (…) that Donald doesn’t know anything. (…) his answers are gibberish, because he doesn’t know anything.

David, from your mouth to the pundits’ ears. Let’s hope they are listening and able to hear what’s painfully obvious.

*I’ve just noticed this after publishing the post. Johnston’s truth-telling is labeled as “making trouble” — and that in such a seemingly progressive publication as “Moyers & Company.” Our journalists’ job was to afflict the comfortable and to comfort the afflicted; instead, so many of them do the opposite that those who break this mold are seen as troublemakers.


10 thoughts on “Trump The Con Man

  1. “..a significant portion of the responsibility for this ignorance falls on the mental health professionals who have failed in their role as public educators.” Perfectly stated. This man is a sociopath and without question has narcissistic personality disorder. This is all that needs “figuring out.” The dude is a trigger for people like me who’ve been abused at the hands of people like him as children and young adults. He is a monster: a monster given a national; spotlight to show his fangs, but too few want to acknowledge what it is they’re looking at.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Secular Jurist and commented:
    Excellent analysis of Trump’s mindset, or lack thereof. Anyone seriously trying to “figure him out” (i.e. the media) is engaging in a fool’s errand. The man relishes in confounding observers because he himself doesn’t know what he’ll do or say from one minute to the next. Megalomaniacs are consumed with self-import and thrive on exploiting the opportunity of the moment. They are the antithesis of deep, rational thought; and, for that reason, deserve no substantive consideration of their rhetorical ramblings.

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  3. Assuming there were still anything left to be sad about in this US electoral farce, what I find sad is that the only reason Mr. D, that failed replica of a human being, has gotten as far as he has is because of the even worse character defects of his one and only serious rival.

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    • You don’t mean Ted Cruz, do you…? 😉

      I don’t believe Hillary’s character issues are worse, however. And yes, she has them — in spades.

      The defect I’m talking about with respect to Trump is his profound impairment of conscience — a lack of it, really, as there is no evidence of conscience at any time in his life. On the contrary: we have a copious amount of evidence of its lack.

      Hillary possesses a conscience, albeit one that malfunctions. We know this from her actions that included, for example, her work on behalf of the needy and her efforts to create a universal health care back in the day.

      So the conscience is there, crippled as it may be. No such thing in Trump.

      His character defect, that of a missing conscience combined with grandiosity and an insatiable drive for power and adulation, is arguably the worst known to mankind. It is the stuff of unmitigated evil, really.

      One could argue, of course, and many do, that a malfunctioning conscience that easily shuts down when under pressures of primitive egocentric drives, is not that much better, particularly in a person of high intelligence who can hide her or his dysfunction better, and thus better manipulate her or his environment.

      But in the contest of “no conscience + history of antisocial behavior” vs. “malfunctioning conscience + history of some pro-social behavior” the second option is less dangerous, IMO.

      What Hillary has going for her in this election is that she is the less abnormal one. Woo-hoo…

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      • You know more of her background than I. I don’t know if Hillary has a conscience. If she does, like Darth Vader, it’s crushed under the Machine. And you made my argument with, “a malfunctioning conscience that easily shuts down when under pressures of primitive egocentric drives, is not that much better, particularly in a person of high intelligence who can hide her or his dysfunction better, and thus better manipulate her or his environment.” That’s the point: she is more dangerous because she is a hypocrite. Trump is what he is and anyone with the sense of dung beetle (which eliminates all Trump supporters) can see it. Hillary is a LIAR, and she lies to gain power, hence it is more fitting to compare her to a Hitler than the megalomaniac “pull the wings off flies” Trump. A fly can know to avoid Trump but may be attracted to Hillary’s poisoned honey behind which hangs the web of deceit. (I better quit before I run out of metaphors… 🙂 )

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  4. Hey! I thought Trump was a nice guy.

    SARCASM. Wasn’t that fun?

    I find it interesting how many of the talking heads daintily prance around the antics of tRump, trying to remain serious. Why hasn’t anyone (except the Hillary campaign) put together a spliced video of all of tRumps wild fuck ups? Then ask the token tRump supporter to explain that?

    tRump is like a greased pig with the media, they all seem intent on catching him but he just keeps getting away and squealing with joy.

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    • He is the nicest of them all, believe me.


      The talking heads are really something, aren’t they. I can’t blame Trump for making fun of them.

      It is probably true that pundits are paid to miss the point. The existence of this system depends on their cluelessness. If they started to see the truth, and, god forbid, openly talk about it, they would be instantly replaced.

      It is hard to say whether they really do not understand just what they are dealing with in Trump, or are too “kind” to say this, what with their professional obligation to cover his candidacy no matter how bizarre it gets.

      A greased pig with the media is a good way to put it. He toys with them and openly taunts them, as sadistic psychopaths do. And his thug surrogates follow his example with relish, which tells us plenty about their characters (or their dysfunction, to be accurate).


    • Hillary doesn’t run her anti-Trump ads here in Chicago because Illinois is a blue state, but I’ve seen some of them online and they’re hilarious. Trump is simply giving her so much material to use against him. What an ass.


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