To Chuck Todd about Something Trump Said

I caught the end of “Meet the Press” on Sunday morning, where Chuck Todd expressed his puzzlement over something Trump said:



Back now with End Game. Sometimes Trump says stuff and you just have no idea what he means including this line I think this one was yesterday on drug testing. Listen.


But we’re like athletes. Right? So athletes they’re making them more and more — but athletes they make them take a drug test. Right? I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. I do.



Hugh, of all the head-scratchers this was one. And I have to say, he did it in New Hampshire where the opioid epidemic is real and to just sort of throw that out there.


First, ugh. And gaaah. And gulp. Trump’s making America grate again (and again, and again), as promised, and our media people still don’t get it.

Let me explain, Chuck, what that drug “challenge” was about. There were five main objectives there, in no particular order:

  1. to diss Hillary,
  2. to brag about his stamina,
  3. to squash the suspicions about his own drug use, prompted by his incessant and impossible to ignore snorts during last debate,
  4. to deflect attention from his aggressive, bullying behavior during that debate, as well as the upcoming one — behavior that would exhaust any normal person,
  5. to preemptively insinuate that Hillary’s win (because obviously) in this Wednesday debate will be a result of her drug usage, cuz, yanno, this election is rigged and the media are in on it.

Oh, and to brag about his stamina, in case this is unclear. It’s worth mentioning.

Trump’s loose associations have logic and meaning to them, as well as constant, predictable themes. Once you get it, you get it — and his supporters get it even without getting it. It all makes sense, believe me.

On a related note, PBS had the first episode of Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler last night, and even though it was a documentary about Adolf, it may have been as well about Donny.

Watching it, I suspected its creators had Trump in mind while talking about Hitler, just as Michiko Kakutani did when she reviewed his (Hitler’s) recent biography in the NYT. But when I looked it up, I found out it is a BBC special made in 2012. So no intimations of Trump, although the similarities are overwhelming.

That program should be seen by all Americans now.

There are still people, including experts, who squirm, wiggle, and hedge when coming within a proximity of Trump-Hitler comparisons, and bend over backwards to make sure everyone understands that they are not really saying those two are alike.

They should give it a rest.

Sure, Trump does not have a funny mustache nor screeches in his ancestral German, but he is very much like Hitler where it matters most, that is in his character defect and its effects on the angry populace looking for a leader in times of uncertainty and unrest. And in what it portends for America and the world, should he get elected.

Not knowing and understanding it is the real danger, far greater than making hasty comparisons, which at worst would make you look like a fool. And that’s not nearly as bad as what happens when pathological leaders gain power.


Trump Complains Entire Personality Rigged Against Him

Also see a heartfelt statement from Melania Trump made in defense of her husband.


9 thoughts on “To Chuck Todd about Something Trump Said

      • Deep they are. The way the media, and others, treat this guy as if he’s on equal footing with Hillary Clinton and/or other normal humans is deplorable (my new favorite word). He needs to be treated with the same respect he shows everyone else, none to little. Yes. We’re a deeply disturbed society.

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      • Mhm.

        What’s especially deplorable is that Trump has always been Trump, so knowing who and what he is should not be such a surprise.

        Much is being made of him “showing his true colors” in this election — but he has never concealed his nature.

        The media, sycophants, and other hangers-on kissed his a** for decades, somehow unbothered by the narcissistic psychopath’s glaring character defect. It was all good fun, and money was to be made, along with connections with Important People and other perks.

        But now, after raising him to this level, they are shocked, shocked, I tell you, to discover that he is who he is.

        Some of those clueless about his character are the very people who are experts in these matters, i.e., psychologists and psychiatrists, which is particularly bothersome. Though can’t say terribly surprising. Unfortunately.

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    • Yes.

      Generally, the comedians, or several of them, nailed the Orange Menace from the start. Unlike the media types and other people who should have known better.


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