Remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where the greedy Nazi sympathizer Walter Donovan chooses the wrong Holy Grail (ok, two-timing Dr. Elsa chooses it for him) and after drinking from it the water of eternal life, or whatever it was called, he dies, decays, and turns into dust right under our eyes, while the Knight guarding the Grail says, quietly, “He chose poorly”?

Yeah, it’s like that:

America, like Donovan, blinded by selfishness, greed and malice, chose very poorly indeed, even though predictably so.

My first post on this blog, The Wages of Discontent, meant, against all hope, to remain a fairy tale, despite not being fairy tale-ish at all. Sigh.

As my son says, “We’ve had a good run.”


13 thoughts on “Sad!

  1. Heaven help us all! On the other hand, I’ve long had this sneaky little story in my head, that Trump is the kind of guy, who once voted in, will turn round on his supporters and yell ‘Got you!’ And a whole new show will begin…

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  2. “America, like Donovan, blinded by selfishness, greed and malice, chose very poorly indeed.” Ah, but one is what one does. America, this time at least, chose a president that in very way says, “I’m America” Obama was the opposite: the penultimate hypocritical front for the military industrial complex and Big Pharma. Trump IS Captain America, up front and in your face. No more speaking softly, just the Big Stick. Now at least the world will know what it’s dealing with, and what America is dealing! Now it will come down to how much power “they” will let him have to play with.

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    • They get off on that thought, having been raised in images of hell fire for everybody but those of their particular denomination. Nothing new there. Bottom line though, dems or gops, they’ll continue to spread injustice, poverty, environmental destruction and wars and more wars. That’s how they do business and after all isn’t it true that “the business of America is business?” So, it’s not personal, it’s business. If you’re inside the drone’s target, you’re just collateral damage. And that too represents profits.

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  3. I work 48 hour shifts, so I’ve been stuck here during the election and still during the immediate aftermath. I’ve also had to listen to Trump supporters celebrate their victory. It will be nice to go home, so I can get away from it all. I can’t just walk out of the room when my boss is gloating about how we will “make America great again.”

    On a seperate note, it was neat seeing that video clip again. I saw that movie in the theaters as a kid, and that scene stuck with me. I didn’t need to see it to remember what happened.

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