8 thoughts on “Inauguration Day

    • Innit just? In sooo many ways.

      Complete with that creature at the end, swimming by and throwing out a grumpy “NO” in passing, to sum up this sordid nonsense. Like, totally. 😉

      And the dumb Nazi (Himmler) behind Hit… I mean, Hilter, smoking a cigarette, reminds me of Rick Perry chewing gum during Trump’s “blessing.” (A poignant moment there — you can see how the sermon about values just swooshes right over Trump’s head, filled as it is to the brim with dreams of his glory and vengeance, now to be fully realized at last. Trump wouldn’t recognize values if they sat on his bloated face.)

      My kids know the darndest things.

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    • Yep. (That’s another clip my son sent me this morn.)

      Trump’s team also used a photo from Obama’s 2009 inauguration to show the “tremendous” crowds in D.C. yesterday. That story is referenced in the Yahoo link in my son’s opening comment in my post, above.

      Let’s stop for a sec to ponder the true momentousness of the occasion:

      We have let the Trumps into the White House.

      The Trumps.

      As we can see, they are conmen, thieves, rapists, grifters, plagiarizers, and worse. And none, I assume, are good people.

      That’s what Trump really meant by “this American carnage.” He really has a knack for telegraphing what’s to come on his watch, while assuring us that he’s just come to end it, the Absurdist-in-Chief that he is.

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