All The King’s Experts, Part 1

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It is Saturday, Day 679 of Our Great Leader’s Ascension to The Throne, which means it is time for another fairy tale*:

Once upon a time, in a land far away, The People elected The Leader who was unlike any other they have seen before — not in Their Land. Other peoples Elsewhere had their share of such leaders time and again, and so they knew what it meant, but The People didn’t and wouldn’t listen to Elsewherians when they tried to warn them. Well, to be accurate, some did — but will get to that later.

The Leader was everything The People wanted and then some. His spectacular and flamboyant daily doings and undoings — though the latter were less visible — mesmerized and occupied The People’s minds and were subject of endless, heated debates.

Some believed the un/doings were exactly what Their Land needed, while Others vehemently disagreed. The chasm between Some and Others grew wider each day, and The People were at loss to understand why.

As time passed, and chaos and violence grew in Their Land and Abroad, what with The Leader’s wars as foreign policy and his desire to show himself The Mightiest Leader of All, more and more of The People started to notice things about The Leader that they did not see before.

He would say unusual things — like, for example, that the sky was purple; and His Henchmen ran into Town Squares and Twitter to assure each other and The People that the sky was as purple as Italian plums.

The People looked at the sky, and even though it still seemed blue to most, they were not really sure now. Because if Everybody sees purple, who am I to question that? went the Average Person’s reasoning.

Or, soaking wet from rain during one of his triumphant, though scary as hell rallies, The Leader would declare this to be The Sunniest Day ever on account of his Magnificent Speech. (#truefact)

He would say that the health care he gave The People was the best, but it was hard to hide any longer that more people than ever were dying from treatable and preventable diseases because they could not afford to see a doctor. Or he said that his job creation programs and environmental policies were Making Their Land Great Again, when more and more of The People found themselves in perpetually jobless despair, unable to find free drinkable water and clear air to breathe. (#alsotruefactsoon, #freemarketrules)

Little things like that started to add up in The People’s minds.

Some also began to notice that as the disorder in Their Land intensified, The Leader’s life and that of His Henchmen grew more lavish and carefree.

It didn’t seem right, but there was no good explanation for what they saw. After all, The Leader was the greatest ever — he said so himself and they believed him, even as their doubts grew in spite of their Proper Judgment (TM).

As it is often the case in such times of confusion in Their Land, The People started to ask, WTF?, and, naturally, turned to The Experts for explanations.

to be continued


*This is a fairy tale, obvs. So any possible similarities between its characters and situations, and those of actual people and their increasingly wtf-ish reality are purely coincidental, totally unintended, and, seriously, just imagined by you, dear reader. The sky is still pur… blue and the wars have not started. Yet. Now go take a deep breath, if you still can.


14 thoughts on “All The King’s Experts, Part 1

  1. I love those kinds of stories. Can’t wait for part two. And really, no, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea who “the Leader” could possibly be, thus left on fire with anticipation to discover the identity of the character in the tale… 🙂

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    • I must disappoint you right away, Sha’Tara: I will keep The Leader’s identity secret.

      I know, I know. But it’s for your own good. If I told you who he is, I would risk your life and mine, so it’s best to, you know, be mum.

      And don’t even try guessing tricks, like “Does his last name rhyme with Dump?” or “Is is true that he is orange?”, because I will simply ignore them and/or deny everything that may remotely hint at who he is.

      So, for instance, if you ask if his first name starts with a D, I will say no way and leave it at that. My stealth-maintaining abilities are amazing, believe me.

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  2. Well done. Definitely 1984ish…a government insisting chocolate rations went up last week instead of down. Language reduced to the simplistic language used by the leader. It’s frightening…and if I might be so bold to say I might be a little above average in relation to the average reasoning person, and yet occasionally I too wonder if I’m sane…how can anyone not see the lunacy before our eyes?

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    • Thank you, Swarn. One of these days I’ma read that book. I hear it’s kinda hot today.

      Yes, the unseeing is most perplexing and disturbing. Particularly when done by experts in human behavior.

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      • There are elements of similarity, as there likely was even back when he wrote it, but ultimately the society painted there had already sort of bought into it seemingly, whereas I think Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is closer to perhaps what is happening now from a societal standpoint. Dark times may lie ahead, but I believe that too much knowledge is present and available in the world to pull the wool over people’s eyes for too long. But then again I’ve always been optimistic. 😉

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      • Ah-ha! The unsheared sheeple, blindly blundering about in search of greener pastures, then they hear a voice they think is that of the shepherd, bleat a loud emotionally charged collective bleat of happiness … and follow the wolf into the forest. But does it matter? Wasn’t the shepherd going to fleece them then sell them to the butcher anyhow?

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      • Wolf vs. butchering shepherd — that is indeed what this choice looked like to many.

        I certainly understand the despair that would drive folks to voting for Trump. And I mean decent folk, and not the neo-Nazi types. (Tough I understand why they worship him too.)

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      • I think you are right to be ultimately and cautiously optimistic, Swarn. Be warned, though: a rant ahead.

        It helps, I believe, to take a look at what’s going on from a larger — wider and higher — perspective. This is where both depth and transpersonal psychology come in handy, along with ideas on evolution of consciousness, of the kind Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote about.

        The spiritual role of Trumpism — not at all intended by the man or his followers, to be sure — is dismantling our narcissism, individual and collective, and thus enabling our emotional, moral, and spiritual growth which will require transcending this world order with its limitations.

        Those limitations are as usual of our own making; they stem from our pursuit of primitive goals and our neglect of values. And nobody embodies this failed paradigm in such a desperate need of dismantling as Trump. He really is archetypal — a perfect, unthinking vessel for the forces of fate that use him so easily to do what must be done.

        What must be done is to confront us, The Narcissists (generally speaking), with our humongous shadow, and make us reckon with its force, which we have so easily ignored.

        As I see it, we are experiencing a process of positive disintegration which is ultimately, well, positive.
        The strong world-wide negative response to Trump and what he represents, augmented by this fantastic extension of a part of human consciousness that’s the Internet, tells us that we are moving just a tiny bit forward in our emotional and spiritual evolution. Not much, and there are and will be horrific setbacks, but those are necessary for us to learn what we must learn, yet so stubbornly refuse. We are a very young species, still tripping over our tails, in a manner of speaking.

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