Trump’s Latest Rage Attack

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I’m sure the Twitter act was orgasmic!” wrote my psychiatrist friend in an email discussing Trump’s latest pivot from a narcissistic psychopath to a malignant narcissist (the distance is zero, in case you wonder).

Those impressed last week by Trump’s ability to read from a teleprompter for about an hour without mocking the disabled (though he came close by exploiting a grieving widow of a soldier who died as a result of his desire to appear commander-ish-in-chief) or grabbing whatever, may perhaps re-evaluate their cheery estimates of the man. Or perhaps not, because if there is one thing — among oh-so-many — we learn from Trump/ism it is that being a pundit means never having to say you’re wrong. Or sorry.

Here’s what happened (for those who were inexplicably not focused on our national nightmare): After his Tuesday speech, which no doubt created a much needed sense of victory in him, Trump and his cabinet members were faced with new accusations of improper contacts with the Russians during his campaign. Damn the fake media.

Dark circuses ensued.

Jeff Sessions suddenly realized these were not the Prussians he thought he talked to; Carter Page (who, you ask? I know — nobody knew) underwent what appeared to be some form of an existential crisis in public, leading him to question the nature of reality and his place in it; and everyone was reminded that we should have paid attention to Paul Manafort as his behavior begged us to. Sadly, attention is not among American strengths.

And at the center of this chain of matrioshka dolls was a solid Soviet apparatchik named Sergey Kislyak.

Our so-called president, meanwhile, went ballistic on his staffexactly as predicted — blaming them for not stanching the truth as he demands of them (that’s their no.2 job; no.1 being soothing his tender ego — though the two are closely related). He stormed off to his “Southern White House,” another weekly trip costing taxpayers gadzillions of $$, leaving Steve Bannon crushed, to the extent a cheap imitation of Darth Vader is crushable.

BTW, those among Trump’s associates and external observers who believe that Bannon controls Trump should give up that illusion as well. It’s time. Really.

Then, in the quiet hours of early dawn, when most of America was still asleep, Trump unleashed a torrent of jaw-dropping tweets accusing President Obama of spying on him and, essentially, causing the whole TrumPrussianGate.

Here I will quote my psychiatrist friend, whose analysis is spot on (slightly edited for clarity):

(…) No narcissistic rage attack ever goes unanswered and MUST be answered in a fashion over and above how it impacts the narcissist — that is why such attacks lead to [violent] actions (all justified in their eyes) even as murder!

We both know that he lost sleep, became more vengeful and angry and could not go on until he acted. None of these actions ever make sense, but to hear them as I have they all make perfect sense to the narcissist. He turned to sources that have in the past provided succor to his vengefulness and without question grasped onto the Breitbart story, rushing in glee to Twitter, to blame Obama, whom he despises because he is so admired and is brighter than him. He is even more angry that his political colleagues insisted he admit that Obama is a citizen. I’m sure the Twitter act was orgasmic!

The rationalizations on the TV are so tragic.Β 

Yes, they are. But they are a necessary part of our tyranny in progress, the part where we normalize it and pretend there’s really nothing to see here, move right along, straight into an abyss.

You may be, um, pleased (?) to learn that this weekend’s crisis was resolved by the resourceful White House staff helping Trump prepare a new travel ban for Muslims — because nothing soothes the pain of a malignant narcissist’s injured ego like inflicting suffering on the weak and innocent, a.k.a The Others. It is an act of “unwounding,” discussed by Dr. Lynne Meyer in Richard Greene’s post.

This time the ban sufficed; but, as his rage escalates, such mild (ha) moves won’t be enough. The sadistic drive to punish and destroy is a malignant narcissist’s modus operandi. And given his lack of inhibitions — a result of a missing conscience — we should expect to see more dramatic and hurtful attempts to satisfy that drive.

For more on Trump and narcissistic rage, see Hell Hath No Fury Like a Narcissist Scorned.


13 thoughts on “Trump’s Latest Rage Attack

  1. Trump as it turns out is more bizarre than I had realized. I mean who in their right mind thinks Faux News and Breitbart are legitamte news sources? And then acts wildly on the not so factual news, making him look like a loose cannon idiot in charge of the country?. And then accuses the mainstream media of being fake news?

    I’m seeing not only a narcissistic sociopath, but a conspiricy theorist loon who tunes in to conspiricy theorist loon outlets.

    I actually think this particular scenario (accusations of wiretapping) are a red herring/smokescreen to distract from the fact that the Russian Connection is becoming a little too hot to handle… Hell maybe I’m a conspiricy theorist loon myself!

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    • Wise man. πŸ™‚

      I took Russian for 11 years — we all had to — but don’t remember much. Almost of all of it was replaced by English. There’s only so much real estate in our (= my) brain(s).

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  2. This man is unreal!

    As I mentioned on my own blog, I live with a tRUmp supporter. He rarely reads/watches the news, but anytime I say something that is even remotely negative, he defends him … generally with the standard Repug line of thought … that he’s not a “politician” so what he’s doing is A-OK. It’s just us nasty liberals that are blinded by our prejudice against him. SMH

    I’m getting so disgusted (more so than usual) with the namby-pamby Republicans who won’t stand up to him and his crazy (literally) antics! (You’ve probably heard they’re not going to push the tax return issue.)

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    • I’m so sorry, Nan. It cannot be easy.

      Though I do understand why Trump’s supporters like him and why. They are being used by him, of course, but it won’t matter to them — to many of them — even if they were to realize it.

      To this day, there are people who remember Hitler and Stalin fondly. That blindness is incurable.

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    • Thanks for this, Tish.

      I saw it and even commented on it elsewhere several weeks ago, saying that it is a bunch of expensive high tech hocus pocus, designed by emotionally stunted geeks with computers and financed by impressionable (and also emotionally stunted) billionaires.

      Turns out I was right:

      But this is a good case to illustrate what passes for Great Business (of smoke and mirrors) in today’s techno-capitalism run, as it is, by conscience- and insight-deficient people with too much gadgetry and money.

      Hitler, Stalin, et al. were able to accomplish all that, and more (ugh), without Big Data Analytics. Understanding, not even explicitly, human nature is more important, for good and evil, than access to technology — though that does not hurt.

      Should the political masterminds require relevant expertise, I’d happily introduce them to a Polish cleaning lady with more insight in her little finger than all those experts combined. And it’ll cost them less. (Or not. We may haggle.)

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      • I dunno’, Emma. I think Cambridge Analytica sounds pretty dangerous. Maybe not to the extent outlined in the Guardian article, but I’m not sure the downplay on the NYTimes article can be swallowed whole either. I think the BIG danger in any of this are the backers … the R.I.C.H SOBs that are sticking their fingers into and manipulating what is being handed out to the (mostly unsuspecting) public.

        We live in wonderful … and dangerous … times. There are moments when I’d like to be able to live longer to see all that’s bound to happen and other moments when I’m glad I won’t be around because I’m not so sure it’s going to pleasant.

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      • Thanks for that link, Emma. It would be so good if all this energy devoted to manipulating people was applied to cleaning up the planet. A simplistic analysis perhaps, but a somewhat critical situation when 90% of the world population apparently only has bad air to breathe. But then of course the ultra-right are all for population pruning. I’ll back the Polish cleaning lady too – on your recommendation of course πŸ™‚

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  3. The thing is, I don’t see much evidence that 45 understands human nature – or even media in the Information Age. I can’t say that he doesn’t understand power … and can only suppose that it’s in the interests of other very powerful people to keep propping him up.

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    • You’re spot on, Curious Mother, that it’s in the interests of many to keep Trump in power. It enables them to enact their agendas.

      Trump and other narcissistic psychopaths like him don’t understand human nature in the sense of grasping its fullness, but they know how to manipulate it. They are reptilian this way, functioning on the lowest level of development, which makes them quite successful in achieving their goals.

      Their primitive manipulation is effective enough with most people most of the time and highly effective during specific times, as in eras of social decline, strife, and unrest.

      It’s believed that narcissistic psychopaths (and psychopaths in general) are devoid of emotional empathy, but possess its cognitive components (there are some issues with that, I think, but that’s too murky and headache-inducing to delve into now).

      Anyway, they know very well that people are easy to take advantage of when you play with their primitive needs, engaging their fear and desires.

      Trump’s whole life is just about that: taking advantage of others by flattering (desires) or intimidating (fear) them, sometimes both.

      And it really does not take more than that. Anyone can grasp it; and the conscienceless ones will exploit it to their own benefit.


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