Springtime for Twitler: Truth a la Trump

The human mind is not able to disprove every single falsity which has been suggested to it.

Andrzej Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology.


On the 90th day of Trumpism, Our Leader gave to us: lotsa flip-n-floppin’,  60 bombs exploding, one Southern White House, much kleptofascism, a missing armada, botched legislations, conflicts of interest, Russian collusion, a bunch of Nazis gloating, dozens lost attorneys, journalists a-leaping, Steely Smile Spicer, and a sense of unreality.

To name just a few of his many accomplishments.

The sense of unreality, compounded by chaos and associated anxiety, is slowly but surely becoming our default state of existence as it always is when pathocracy — a rule by psychopaths and narcissists — spreads in any more or less normal so far society. Norms and laws are being set aside and/or redefined, while (the healthy part of) the public watches in horror and disbelief, and organizes protests and anti-pathocratic movements trying to stop the progress of this malignant social disease.

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8 thoughts on “Springtime for Twitler: Truth a la Trump

    • Surreal is right. For people raised under communism, and I’m certain under fascism and other totalitarian / autocratic regimes, this surrealness feels very familiar.

      We found comfort in the absurd: humor, literature, theater. The truth and real reality go underground as the pathology takes over the surface. The trick is not to go mad in such a divided world. It’s important to keep in mind that the surface reality is not normal.

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    • And I don’t know how to get rid of the lunatic. I think there is work behind the scenes focused on gathering evidence of the Russian collusion, for example, but it may not amount to anything.

      This is ALWAYS how things go once a narcissistic psychopath achieves ultimate power. Always. Humanity should already learn this obvious lesson.

      That we don’t is a proof of other, deeper forces at work here — and this is where the spiritual dimensions of psychohistorical processes come to play, I believe.


  1. He continues to prove … on a DAILY basis (except when playing golf) … that he doesn’t have a CLUE on how to run a country. His best (and only) accomplishments have been signing his name to various documents. Oh, and tweeting.

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    • This is it. Our so-called president is a deluded, destructive idiot vacationing on our dime instead of working (of which he’s incapable) and profiteering from his position.

      A national disgrace, and nightmare.

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