Sometimes Life Is Bearable: Lilacs

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‘Tis the time of lilacs again, the heavenly treat that comes unbidden and without fail mid-spring, one of my favorite things in life. Their fragrance fills the house and takes me back to my childhood days spent on our działka, a little piece of land on the outskirts of our city, and to my father who was my best companion during those days. The lilac bushes by my house now are from his garden here, in America.

The memories are bittersweet, as always, and now especially as in a few days we’ll commemorate the 5th anniversary of his death. The fragrance, though, is infused with the force and love for life somehow, maybe on its own or maybe because of the associated memories — likely both — making it worth living.

In a couple of weeks there will be another glorious and short-lived gift of spring: lilies of the valley. Life is bearable sometimes.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Is Bearable: Lilacs

  1. I love it, we had both white and purple in our garden when I was a child. In the adjoining plot, there was a whole bank of purple trees. And one day, they went, to make way for a new bungalow. Except, there was no need to get rid of the lilac at all, nowhere near the house. Sheer vandalism.

    Beautiful colour, shape, scent. Perfection.

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    • Yes, they are.

      We don’t have any white ones here, although we did in Poland. To think of it, I haven’t seen white lilacs in America yet, though I know they must be here. Should get out more often.

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  2. Quote: “Life is bearable sometimes” – Yes, it is, when one chooses to narrow one’s perspective to the small and the local, ignoring the “weather men” and their sycophants who represent / endorse the world’s power wielders of religion, politics, finance and science. It’s a very delicate balance.

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  3. I’m getting to see my grandpa’s lilac bush for the first time in a long, long time, my favorite scent, one that is irreplicable by any perfume or oil. They do make each day a little better. ❤

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