5 thoughts on “Salon Interview

  1. You were good. The interviewer was insightful once he started interviewing you. However, in the build up to the interview he poured petrol on the flames with his very long diatribe about Trump, increasing the emotional component of national ‘hysterisation’ rather than more productively dispassionately dissecting Trump’s pathology.

    But you were excellent. It bears hearing how these things work (national pathology, positive disintegration) over and over again as each time another tiny piece of the jigsaw falls into place and the picture comes more and more clearly into focus.

    As to what to do: reduce injustices (which the pathological will actively combat), education about pathologies, education about the ‘psychopath cycle’ (how totalitarian states are born) and a national ‘truth and reconciliation’ commission which aims, more than anything else, to look at the ‘bad’ side of a nation from domestic policies to foreign policies, historical and present. Britain could do with one of these as well, to pre-empt the slide into the ‘psychopath cycle’ which is doing its best to begin stirring over here.

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  2. Hi Emma,
    I tried to listen to the podcast yesterday morning. After 16 minutes of listening to the interviewer I came away with the idea that, although he’s certainly well-informed, DeVega might be every bit as narcissistic as tRump. I got tired of listening to him. 😦 Perhaps I’ll come back to it when I’m in a more generous frame of mind, because I’m sure your part of the podcast was insightful.

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