Darkness (in)Visible, or On Dangers of Narcissistic Blindness

Credit: Klubovy The worst U.S. mass shooting in the 21st century. Unimaginable and ungraspable — but sadly familiar already. Ever sadder, there will be more, with greater numbers of victims, because this bloody contest is one about numbers. The next wannabe-martyr strives to outdo the last one in the scope of damage inflicted, to underscore … Continue reading Darkness (in)Visible, or On Dangers of Narcissistic Blindness

See No Evil

[image source] “History lays down events over the struggles of conscience.” Karol Wojtyla ==== Following news these days is educational despite this being labeled, inaccurately, a post-fact or post-truth era. Only those who forgot that WWII started on the basis of fake news, or already repressed WMD, Judith Miller, and the rest of journalistic sycophants … Continue reading See No Evil

Donny The Gaslighter

You’ve heard of course about Trump’s 2nd Amendment “solution” to the Hillary-as-president problem that he proposed yesterday: The intense backpedaling, as evidenced briefly in the video above, has commenced immediately and continued unabated today, with Trump’s surrogates minimizing his “gaffe” (that wasn’t) as best as they could. Their trumpsplanations have ranged from ridiculous  but amusing … Continue reading Donny The Gaslighter