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  1. I am still reading Violet’s blog, or at least the comments via the “Comments I’ve Made” page. So I will read Paul Tobin. Have you thought of writing more here, rather than just comments? As you see, comments drive readers to your blog.


    • Hi, Clare! Nice to meet you here!

      But, oy. I am shocked, because, due to my dismally poor technical skills, I had no idea that my moniker is linked to this domain. I created it a while ago in anticipation of a semi-professional project that never took off, but did not realize my name still leads people here. Will see if I can change it.

      I swore off blogging a long time ago, after years of being an active blogger at my own own place as well as in a co-op of mostly political, mostly liberal bloggers (with a few good-natured conservatives in the mix), who debated issues of the day during and immediately after Bush era. Fun as it was, it became very time- and energy-consuming, and I had to give it up. Part of the problem was an excess of social interactions, which can be a burden for an incorrigible introvert. That, and I also ran out of things to say. I came to the inevitable realization I am far less interesting than I thought I was.

      My recent commentary on Violet’s blog and a couple of other places is as much blog-related output as I can manage, I think. Anything more would probably be more than I could, or want to, handle these days.

      But I am glad that you stopped by all the same. 🙂

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    • Thanks a bunch, Victoria! I like your writings and general approach to life ‘n things.

      Sorry about the delay in approving your comment. I use two different emails here and some of the notifications go to the other email box. Will have to fix it somehow.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by and a good word.


  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    hope you’re well. I am a producer on a doc-series about tyranny (& the psychology it entails) that’s being created for Netflix. We’re interested in interviewing you for the series. Unfortunately was unable to find an email contact, so am reaching out via your website. hope you see this and that we can discuss the project further!
    Thanks very much.


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