Alexandria & San Francisco: Thoughts and Prayers

Originally published June 15, 2017 at Eat Pray Vote

Yesterday morning we had two mass shootings. In one several people were injured, in the other several died. The former has been reported widely, the latter barely at all. Like all American papers, The New York Times featured an extensive coverage of the first one, while the other merited a brief mention hidden on the bottom of the page.  By the end of the day, the details of the first incident, including the private life of the perpetrator, have been analyzed in all media, but we still don’t know the basic facts about the second case and seemingly no one is curious about them, not in major news organizations and outlets.

The difference between reporting of those two events could not have been more glaring. We could call it the tale of two shootings perhaps, except the second one, which happened at a UPS facility in San Francisco, does not really have a tale.

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2 thoughts on “Alexandria & San Francisco: Thoughts and Prayers

  1. Yes indeed, good to see you writing here again. The darkness is real, and it’s a darkness that America doesn’t want to look at – hence Trump, as described in ‘Political Ponerology’. Not only a malignant narcissist / narcissistic psychopath but also a ‘spellbinder’, either leading the nation over an abyss or a precursor to a psychopathic leader. A slow motion car crash – but as Andrzej Łobaczewski points out, there are a myriad of factors that can prevent the inevitable (including education about the process) and in an interconnected world those outside the immediate pathocracy can also have a dramatic effect. So all is not lost, not at all.

    Incidentally, being a bit pushy, are we allowed to contact you directly?

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    • Thank you, Richard. I’ve been writing less frequently, but have written two longer pieces — one on “Tyranny as a Triumph of Narcissism” which will be published (yay!) in this book — and another one on “Our (maybe) Positive Disintegration,” which as usual no one seems to be interested in (go figure). I may put it on blog eventually.

      Yes, of course it’s ok to contact me, but be warned that I’m a lousy responder. (Poor executive function ‘n such.)


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