On “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”

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Pleased to announce that The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump is coming out in a few weeks. Yours truly is privileged to have contributed a chapter there, on “Tyranny as a Triumph of Narcissism.”

Here’s Bill Moyers‘ early review of the book and interview with Robert Lifton.

Also, Duty to Warn is organizing various events — marches, lectures and meetings — around the country on October 14, 2017. Come to one near you!


13 thoughts on “On “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”

  1. Congrats!

    Several points: the book should be free. Really, seriously – any book on psychopathy should be free at this stage in our human history, or at least have a free educational version, as does ‘The Mask of Sanity’. A few dollars profit vs educating millions or even billions; a few dollars profit vs. potential nuclear war. Though I appreciate that obviously you don’t have any say in the price.

    Re. the interview:
    The inteview was a bit wishful thinking – they think they can get rid of Trump? I don’t think so! But at least people are waking up. No mention of ‘Political Ponerology’, however, which has all the answers they’re looking for, including the ‘ideological mask’, the process by which those in authority in the ideological group (Republicans) don’t realise what they’re dealing with and how they’re eventually removed, the sickness in society that leads to a genuine desire for change by the ‘revolutionaries’ (the ‘deplorables’), many of whom gradually walk away in disgust as the ideological vehicle becomes toxic whilst at the same time increasingly pathological people are attracted into the ideological vehicle, the normalisation of pathological behaviours by changing terminology … oh, it’s all there. Shame it’s such a dense read.

    Erich Fromm? Hmmm … better research him.

    GoldWater rule? A free pass to narcissists and psychopaths, who can hide brilliantly.

    Diagnosing from a distance? Every citizen should be educated to diagnose from a distance – psychiatry and psychology (whith a very few honourable exceptions, including yourself) have clearly shown themselves unfit for purpose in diagnosing Trump (and previous US Presidents and would-be Presidents) and in educating the public about psychopathy and malignant narcissism. As well as revealing that they are (mostly) gutless. Maybe ordinary citizens will have to educate themselves, perhaps with help from a few perceptive and willing professionals. Most psychiatrists and psychologists also don’t seem to realise that once a totalitarian state (‘pathocracy’) is in place they are likely to be the first people to be ‘re-educated’ or ‘disappeared’ since they can point out the pathology of those in power. Keeping heads down isn’t a protection.

    Oh – and just seem on T.V. that Trump is grooming the nation to accept military parads of power and might.

    ‘It also appears that this process tends to intensify with time; initial activities are undertaken by persons with milder characteropathic features, who are easily able to hide their aberrations from others. Paranoid individuals then become principally active. Toward the end of the process, an individual with frontal characteropathy and the highest degree of pathological egotism can easily take over leadership.’

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  2. I’m not at all surprised you were selected as a contributor. Your posts have been spot-on so it seems only appropriate you be included in this work.

    It’s unfortunate the price tag isn’t more reasonable (even the Kindle version is above average) — especially since the authors were not compensated. But I suppose there are always publishing costs.

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  3. I am greatly looking forward to the book. I pre-ordered the hard copy to better enable sharing with family. I’ve been a lurker on this blog for about a year and continue to be enlightened by the insightful analyses.
    May our country soon wake from the hypnotic notion of normalcy.


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