What’s with the name of this blog?

It’s confusing, yes.

That’s because this place was not meant to be a blog. As I said to Clare in About, I opened “Good Marriage Central” in preparation for a project that was intended to be a resource of data and maybe discussion / advice on all things marriage; but the project went nowhere and the domain was left dormant and inaccessible to the world. Or so I thought.

A couple of weeks ago I signed in to WordPress in order to make comments on Violetwisp‘s post about the manosphere, not realizing that I would be automatically connected here; and that unsuspecting folks who clicked on my name would be directed to this place, only to be met by howling winds and tumbleweeds. (Note to self: post pics of tumbleweeds.)

Ignorance of (basic) technology is no excuse, obviously, so, yes, I have an egg on my face now. But maybe it is not a bad thing altogether. Maybe instead of shutting the place down, I will leave it be, benignly neglected, or maybe even sparsely updated, should the mood strike. (Note: tumbleweeds!) Worse things have been known to happen.








14 thoughts on “What’s with the name of this blog?

  1. If you could find the time to comment on Vi’s, I’m sure could manage the odd blog post from time to time. And, if you click on me, you may find my Clouds blog more to your taste than my roughseas one. Just saying.


    • That’s a good point, R. And I must say, a tempting proposition.

      But as you well know, a blog is another responsibility in our lives. It is much fun in many ways, but it takes time and effort. Mooching off other people’s blogs is so much easier. Like babysitting other people’s kids: you get to have fun with them for a few hours, and then send them back home, without care or worry for their future.

      I’m perusing Violet’s blog and wishing that I found it earlier. A kindred spirit and community, good discussions, and those gorgeous photos! It is a gem. I hope she comes back; although it appears that at a certain point most bloggers, even those who are very popular, permanently choose “real life” over their online activities.

      I also did not realize that WP lets people see our e-mail addresses. That’s just worrisome. The IP is one thing, but e-mail is another. I don’t recall that feature on Blogger, way in my blogging days.

      Will have to figure out what to do about that.

      Anyway, thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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      • People accept we all take a break. And people blog differently. Each to their own. Some of us like to post photos, some to tell personal stories, some to make specific points, and some like to do a mix. And, sometimes, yes, we just cruise around, dipping in and out.

        If you like V’s perspective you may like Ruth’s and Victoria’s. For nature photos I recommend Sonel’s. Obviously many of the same names crop up on various blogs. For the most part, yes, it’s a good community. Until we fall out and then we are just as badly behaved as everyone else.

        Email disclosure wasn’t on blogger, I started off on blogger nearly ten years ago. Switched to WP when they kept demanding my mobile number to let me into my blog. Nor would blogger let you edit comments either. So, both of those WP have trust/integrity issues (to me). Editing can be helpful if people want something correcting, but not always when the host runs riot with a red pen. (Usually on Xtian blogs)

        Anyway. Simply. If you comment, your email is shown. I find it most odd when people ask for email addresses from someone who’s commented. I haven’t found it abused though. Choose wisely where you comment? I guess. In my experience, the majority of emails are info-based to follow up on something in detail, to give a password for protected posts, or just to have a ‘Hi, how are you,’ chat.

        Don’t let it stop you commenting. Have a good weekend blog mooching 🙂

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  2. You can change the name of your blog, on Settings- General, should you so desire. You can change the email you give out too, perhaps to an email just for your blog. I clicked a bit trying to find that and could not, immediately, but you might have a wee play.

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    • Thanks, Clare. I saw the name change option, but not sure yet if I wanna do it. And I’ve created a new “Emma” with a different e-mail and ava, although that’s led to some minor issues, from what I see.

      There is much to learn for me on WP. 🙂 Thanks for all the pointers!

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