Technical difficulties

Hey, My Peeps (who are the best peeps in the whole blogging universe) —

my apologies for the technical difficulties which some of you have noticed, including untimely publishing of a rough draft. I promise to finish and let it out soon. The site remains open (the temporary privacy setting was in place in order to clean up the mess — one of these days yours truly will get a hang of basic technology*).


Auntie Emma.

*This is not a promise, even though it is in writing.



4 thoughts on “Technical difficulties

  1. Well, OK. You’re forgiven. 😉

    I did try to “Like” your latest post on tRump, but was unsuccessful (“privacy” message). Guess it was the “rough draft: you mentioned? Anyway, what I saw, I liked. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Nan! Yes it was a rough draft — I clicked “publish” instead of “save.”

      Glad you liked it — it gives me extra motivation to work on it. I do have at least one other coming before it, though.

      Sigh. So much to blather about, so little time. 😉


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