The Absurdist (possibly) in Chief


“What a difference this is. Just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election, and just give it to Trump, right? What are we even having it for?”

Donald Trump at a rally in Toledo yesterday, to a raucous applause of his audience.

Meanwhile, here is Prof. Allan Lichtman, who has correctly predicted every presidential win in 30 years, explaining (also yesterday) why all indicators point to Trump’s victory.

Some of his thoughts:

“We have never seen someone who is broadly regarded as a history-shattering, precedent-making, dangerous candidate who could change the patterns of history that have prevailed since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860.


I do think this election has the potential to shatter the normal boundaries of American politics and reset everything, including, perhaps, reset the keys to the White House. Look, I’m not a psychic. I don’t look at a crystal ball. The keys are based on history. And they’re based on a lot of changes in history, they’re very robust. But there can come a time when change is so cataclysmic that it changes the fundamentals of how we do our politics, and this election has the  potential — we don’t know yet, but it has the potential.”

It ain’t over till it’s over, folks.


29 thoughts on “The Absurdist (possibly) in Chief

    • (shudder)

      Jeff, I’m still hoping we gonna wake up on November 9 to yuuge LOSER! headlines; but this is far from certain. As in, getting further by the minute, what with the Obamacare price increase estimates released this week, and a new FBI probe into Hillary’s email debacle announced today.

      I’m thinking “gonna suck” may be the mildest prediction of what awaits us in Trump times. There may not be any suckage to have, in a manner of speaking.


  1. I’ve been pretty vocal that I don’t want either candidate. I just want Trump less(wayyyy less) than I want Hillary.

    Why, why, why do we not have a better caliber of candidates on both sides?

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  2. Quite frankly, it makes my stomach turn and my heart skip a beat to think about tRump winning. Seriously. What he will do to this country flat out scares me. No, I’m not a fan of HRC either, but I’d rather her than tRump. Under her reign, most likely things will stay about the same as they are now. Not necessarily good … but at least stable. Whereas with tRump in power? Yikes! The Repugs will control him like a puppet master and I don’t even want to think about some of the things that will take place.

    Please gods and goddesses! If ANY of you exist ANYWHERE … help us!!!

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    • Here’s the thing that I think some of them are finally catching onto: Tell THE Donald how AMAZING he is and he’ll be putty in their hands. All one has to do is stroke that ego, make him think the ideas are his, and voila!

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  3. Trump may be what the gods and goddesses have concocted for us.

    When people persist in blindness on a path of self-destruction, the Universe sometimes resorts to extreme measures to set them back on a healthier course — after a period of disintegration that follows the necessary shattering. (Trump guarantees the shattering.)


  4. There’s one small point that I came across in the article that accompanies the video. It says: “His system has correctly predicted the winner of the popular vote in every U.S. presidential election since 1984.” (emphasis mine)

    This is one time we may be thankful for the electoral college.

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    • Here’s hoping.

      There are so many unknown unknowns still (to borrow Rumsfeld’s famous quote) that anything could happen. But the rage that drives Trump/ism is very real and on a scale we have not seen in this country (I haven’t at least). This itself makes the Dems’ self-congratulatory slaps on the backs, in expectation of Hillary’s win, misplaced.


  5. This election has been referred to as a choice between the lesser of two evils. While I don’t believe in the concepts of “good” and “evil,” the point is apropos. Trump is a dangerous megalomaniac of epic proportions. His presidency, should it occur, would undoubtedly produce unpredictable negative consequences. A Hillary victory would ensure the continuation of the status quo – which, by the way, is headed downhill towards a very problematic future. People like to say, “there’s always hope;” but, I sure don’t see any.

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    • Agree.

      I believe it is appropriate to use the language of good and evil, and things (emotional, moral, and spiritual* things) in-between, in this election especially, Robert. It is most certainly a clash of values — specifically some values (a few better than others) represented by Hillary, vs. no values represented by Trump.

      There are definite spiritual* dimensions to this clash of values, and they resonate with many, whether they realize it or not. Thus such widespread anxiety in the land.

      But Trump has not caused it, as much as he unearthed it, because the misery behind this anxiety has been brewing for a long time. He is just the right catalyst for its culmination, in however destructive form it would manifest (and it will be destruction, there is no doubt about it — it is guaranteed by his character defect; and history teaches us as much).

      To be sure, Hillary does not represent good here, but indeed a lesser evil, prolonging the status quo. I’d take that, however, over a wholesale dismantling of whatever little democracy we have.

      Now the depressing? hilarious? and certainly unbelievable thing is that Trump fans believe this — a wholesale destruction of our democracy — would result from Hillary’s presidency. An example of (dangerous) mass projection, I think.

      *Not religious.

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      • Ha, I see. I was scared there for a moment that something I said may have made you feel optimistic. Would have been a terrible thing. 😉

        NYT tends toward delusional (and not just this year — remember Judith Miller and WMD?). And so do major center-left outlets, which is most MSM. Yes, Trump is right: There is media bias. Of course not the way he thinks; but it there.

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  6. He’s still losing. It mostly saddens me that he has the amount of support he has. I never believed our nation was “great,” though I have believed that it has many good qualities. His level of support has taken my own opinion about the people in this country down a few notches. It’s sad. Thanks for posting.


    • Most welcome, polymath.

      Yes, this election has unearthed many truths, not just about America/ns, but also about human nature (and Americans are not very different in it from the rest of humanity).

      We’ll see what happens with this unearthed knowledge.

      The inconceivable — Trump’s win — may still happen, though. I hope not, but it is possible.

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  7. Thanks Emma for your continued efforts to educate people on this situation. Trump is both narcissistic and sociopathic. Your post is pointing out just one of too many examples to name. I leave you with a link from Harvard psychiatrist and author of the highly-touted book, The Sociopath Next Door, if you have time to listen to it. It is scary how spot-on Dr. Stout is describing what we are seeing today. There is more information about this on my site.

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    • Update to the point I’m making: Notice today after the FBI reported there would not be a further email investigation. During the investigation, Trump claimed that maybe the system was not as rigged as he thought. Now after the latest email situation was squashed, he won’t even talk to it, and switched back to conspiracy theories about the system being rigged. A sociopath/narcissist simply doesn’t have the hard-wiring to process EVER being wrong. If they ever tell you they are wrong (or apologize), it is rare, and for strategic and manipulative reasons. Be forewarned. We are seeing a sociopath/narcissist take advantage of people’s emotions, when many of them feel like the world have left them behind, and they do not possess the knowledge of geopolitical, business and economic issues to decipher Trump’s lies. They just want somebody to listen to them, and to rebuke Washington because of their pain (much of which is because they cannot hang on to the way things used to be for good or for bad). Donald trump behaves as a narcissistic sociopath. Please go to my post for more. . Thank you. B. Ashley

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      • Thank you for this, B, and your previous comment and link.

        You are spot on about Trump, of course, never being wrong or even allowing the possibility. He’d easily kill anyone who might even suggest so, I believe.

        I’m going to check out your links in a bit — I have busy days ahead, but will do my best to get to them as soon as I can.


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