13 thoughts on “The Magic “R” by Bill Maher

  1. We don’t subscribe to HBO but as it so happens, we got a “free weekend” of premium channels and HBO was among them. Lucky for me, I caught the last part of his monologue. Yippee!

    Splendid! Magnificent! Wonderful! Superb! And soooo Right-On!

    It simply amazes me that the people who support you-know-who are so blind to the points Bill made. It sorta’ reminds me of the indoctrination that goes on in religious circles …

    I absolutely LOVED his last line!

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    • You can always find his whole, unedited show, on YouTube the day after it airs. That’s how I watch it. Trumpanzees are very much like indoctrinated religious zealots. If Putin’s Orange Puppet were to ask them to swallow cyanide, I’ve no doubt most of them would do it.

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      • Ahhh yes. Much like Brother Jones did some years back. The stupid … how it burns.

        Thanks for the info re: YouTube, but I really hate watching shows on my computer/tablet/phone. Just a personal idiosyncrasy, I suppose.

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    • I have to see it again to find out what that line was.

      But, boy, yes — that’s telling it like it is, which is why no “R” will ever hear it.

      (OK, I’m unfair. Most “R’s” won’t hear it. There may be an “R” somewhere who does.)


  2. Incisive and funny. Not being “Marrikan” I enjoyed the laughs more than the very skewed (one-sided) political commentary. The fact is there is absolutely no substantial difference between Reps and Dems. They’re all in it for themselves; they’re all bought and paid for by the highest bidder and looking at the state of “America” today, obviously not a single one of them gives a shit about the country. If anything, the Democrats are the worst of the bunch because it took a Democrat to hand out billions of free money to billionaires who should have all been in jail for life. Then there’s the drone bombing of civilians in Afghanistan… or were those humanitarian flights intended to put people out of their misery before their US-caused misery put them out?

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    • I would almost agree, Sha’Tara, but I must observe that the citizens of Canadia, the land of milk and honey (and no, I don’t mean Trudeau by the latter — do I…?), may not fully grasp just what we, Marrikans, are dealing with. Because to us, beaten down, exhausted and despaired, there will be a yuuuge difference between a party that sees health care as a human right and the other one that sees it as a privilege. For one.

      Though it is true that both are beholden to Big Money and looking out for what’s best for them and their donors, these days especially.

      We need The People’s Party, or No Money Party, a term I learned a couple of days ago.

      Or, better yet, we need a new world where values and humane principles rule, and parties are not needed because the dignity and needs of every human being are cherished and equally respected. (I’m still in a fairy tale mode, obvs.)

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      • I try to understand. “Unfortunately” for Americans my entire life has viewed that nation from the point of view of those they oppressed without ever an apology. From the starving of post-WWII Germans, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Central and South America, to the Philippines, to the Middle East – everywhere a trail of blood, dispossession, environmental disasters, war, overthrow of legitimate governments, genocide, tortures, death and more death, not to mention bad taste in music, styles and artificial fast foods: the legacy of the American Imperial globally imposed regime.

        If today some of that is bouncing back home, as chickens coming home to roost, it is difficult for observers to feel the American wound too deeply. I’d call it simply karma. You reap what you sow. Yes, some Americans did protest their corporate, military and religious oppression of other sovereign nations and peoples, but even those lived within the dubious benefits brought in as consumer goods and bought into most of the propaganda, and even those continued to vote knowing both sides were equally complicit in more than war crimes.

        When America has been suitably humbled and can no longer claim to be the “policeman of the world” and the empire is truly dead; when Americans humbly apologize to the whole world for their known crimes, then and only then will there be a possibility of reconciliation and understanding. The ball is entirely in America’s court today.

        Quote: “we need a new world where values and humane principles rule, and parties are not needed because the dignity and needs of every human being are cherished and equally respected.” Indeed, but that cannot happen under current US world economic and military domination. From inception, from the deliberate and unspeakable cruelty of the genocide of American natives; slavery and the imposition of predatory capitalism over the entire planet Americans have made themselves into an opprobrium. There is no escaping this judgment, and its penalties. As a people it is necessary that Americans taste to its dregs the bile they have forced the rest of the world to drink.

        Do you understand what I am saying? It isn’t hate of Americans, it’s awareness of the flow of history, and of the need for re-balancing. I am speaking of justice as a force, not something manipulated on a human scale.

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      • I understand perfectly well what you’re saying, Sha’Tara. I even wrote about it here; and it looks as though the theme will be woven again, by necessity (though against my initial judgment, heh), into my fairy tale.

        There is a solid, iron-clad emotional / spiritual logic to the events in our individual and collective lives. And yes, karma is one name for it, although, I believe, it goes beyond that.

        Trump/ism is here to remind us of that, and as such, it and its aftermath is a necessary step in the evolution of our species (not to be too modest about making such claims).

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