To Chuck Todd about Something Trump Did

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This is the second installment of what likely will become a regular feature of this blog: translating Trump for the glorious make-benefit of Chuck Todd, an overexcitable host of Meet the Press, whose heart, I believe, is in the right place, even though his mind cannot always keep up. Snarky as that sounds, I have great — well, ok, moderate– hopes for the man, as I watch his growing spine, strengthened after every encounter with Kellyanne Goebbels Conway and other representatives of Agent Orange.

Chuck is quickly discovering the WTF Zone, in which most Americans have lived their lives, watching in mute horror the disaster developing in and around them thanks to the political grandmasters who use them as fodder for their profiteering schemes.

WTF Zone is like The Twilight Zone, minus its whimsy and uplifting message. There is no way out of it, other than (falsely) through numbing the pain it creates with mind-altering substances (and/or virtual reality), which for most Americans lead to more alienation, suffering and, increasingly, death; or (authentically) through a radical self-transformation, which is rare and seemingly — so far at least, though this may change — beyond the reach for most.

On today’s MTP, Chuck tried to get an answer from Mrs. Goebbels to a simple but loaded question: why Trump sent his  press secretary Sean Spicer — a small man in every sense of the term, who always looks as though he’s seconds away from blowing his gasket along with the collar of his tight-fitting shirt — to lie, shamelessly and angrily, about something as silly as the size of his inauguration crowd.

Of course Chuck got no answer, but instead a stream of obfuscations and deflections which are the specialty of the Agent Orange Propaganda Corp, and in which Kellyanne excels like no others. That’s Psychopathic Lying 101: no sweat, no conflictual emotion, no whiff of discomfort or scruple over one’s smoothly delivered “alternative facts” (she actually used that very term).

Chuck later tried to extract the answer from another of Trump’s snake-like surrogates, Tom “Soft Sensuality” Barrack.

The SS moniker comes from Barrack’s creative and jaw-dropping spin of the impossibility to secure A-list celebrities for Trump’s inauguration. Instead of confirming what’s obvious to everyone — that no person with a conscience and a right mind would want to associate with Trumputin — Barrack ventured that Donald prefers the soft sensuality of the surroundings free of A-listers and other such nuisances. What a great example of the forked golden tongue at work.

If we are to associate Trump — or Barrack himself, for that matter — with soft sensuality, then we may as well grandfather Marquise de Sade into that exclusive club, and seriously consider Jack the Ripper’s application too.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post, which is helping Chuck Todd understand Trump.

The reason why Trump sent Spicer to bark lies at the press about the size of his inauguration package is the same reason why he, Trump, always brags about the size of his anything. His malignant narcissism demands to assert at every opportunity that he is the bestest, most tremendousest, huugest, and amazingest, bar none, and crush anyone who may disagree. (And I suspect you know it already, but bless you for asking anyway.)

Having had pictures of his meager inauguration crowds, much smaller than those of Obama (an unforgivable slight), circulated by the media, and then being upstaged by the world-wide women’s march must have been an intolerable injury to his ego.

And we know what happens when a narcissist’s ego is injured: hell hath no fury.

You could see that fury, by proxy, twisting Spicer’s tongue, making him avoid eye contact with the audience, trip over his words, and bring him close to apoplexy, averted only by his scurrying, cowardly exit that prevented taking and answering any questions from the journalists. (That’s what “press conferences” under Trump will look like. Get used to it –or, better yet, not.)

Some folks on twitter used the term Pravda-esque to describe this “press conference,” but I don’t remember such levels of aggression and contempt during communist pressers way back when. This is really more Hitler, from what I saw, than placid Kosygin or clueless Brezhnev, although Stalin may have qualified — but that was before my time.

The Orange One, meanwhile, had a disgraceful in person “meeting” with the intelligence community, which he used to (yes, you guessed it) brag about the size of his inauguration crowds and peddle other lies to a seemingly shocking — until we remember that Trumpists hire cheerleaders for his public performances — applause from the audience. He also told the intel people “I’m so behind you,” which sounded more like a threat than support (and you can bet that this is what it really was), reminiscent of his stalking behavior during the second debate with Hillary.

This is what Trump’s increasingly staged and choreographed contacts with the public will look like from now on, as the man continues to become more withdrawn from reality and consumed by his dreams of glory, supported in this dangerous but inevitable development by his sycophants, but also by his opportunistic enemies who are already plotting his demise.

It will be important for his loyalists to keep him isolated and protected from facts, because as his grandiosity, now fully validated, intensifies, so will his rage whenever the unpleasant truth breaks through the veil of his narcissistic delusions.

When that happens, anyone in his vicinity is vulnerable.

This aspect of his decompensating psyche will be carefully — well, as carefully as it is possible — hidden from the public; but we will see reflections of it in the behavior of his proxies — not the smooth snaky, softly sensual (gaah) Barracks, but the bull-terrier Spicers and Piersons (yes, she’s still around). As they deliver his messages of calibrated rage, Trumputin will be watching and deciding whether their ire meets his expectations and if the lies sound convincing to him — because that’s what really matters from now on; while the brazen destruction of what remains of our democracy will proceed right on the GOPers’ schedule — unless we, the people, intervene, of course.

So, Chuck, welcome to kleptofascist pathocracy. We’ve been in it for a while, so we are a tad more experienced in deciphering its ways. You are just opening your eyes, but that’s a good start. Keep at it. I have faith in ya.


Bonus feature:

Kellyanne’s opinion on the women’s marches:

“We certainly respect people’s First Amendment rights. But I frankly didn’t see the point. I mean, you have a day after he’s uplifting and unifying and you have folks here being on a diatribe where I think they could have requested a dialogue. Nobody called me and said, ‘Hey, could we have a dialogue?’”

Yes, because if there is one thing that Mrs. Goebbels excels in, it is the art of, um, dialogue. She is as good at that as she is at redefining words — uplifting and unifying prime examples.



21 thoughts on “To Chuck Todd about Something Trump Did

      • You betcha.

        This is all very reminiscent of the days right before the fall of communism. This kind of brazen, but also desperate lying, without the slightest pretense of caring about appearances, shows how deep in the muck we are and how grave our situation is. The lies are used to obscure the behind-the-scenes pillaging that’s being perpetrated by the vultures eager to capitalize on the fall; the vultures in this case being mostly the GOPers, though not exclusively so, I’m sure. The lies are a diversion, IOW.

        And Trump is a useful idiot serving as a foil for the pillagers. Kinda like Yeltsin was in the crumbling USSR.

        Thing is, the commies had something to look forward to (or so they believed) — it was the neoliberal capitalism, which served a few of them very well indeed, while it plunged most into poverty and despair, making them miss the good ol’ Stalinist days.

        But we here are in the midst of the disintegration of the very neoliberal capitalism that was such great hope for the commies way back when, and we do not have anything else specific to look forward to (save the Hunger Games).

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      • That’s the thing about American society: it’s given itself nothing to fall back on, and why should it when it is so brainwashed in believing itself the bestest, the greatest, the courageousest, the bravest, the smartest, the richest, simply the mostest society on the planet? What could possibly go wrong, given enough national hubris and religious pride? Who remembers Nazi Germany’s Operation Barbarossa in June 1941? What could go wrong when you counted the mostest; you had the biggest, the longest, the fastest, the rumblingest, everything; and of course, “Gott mit uns” and you conveniently forget you just lost your first major battle of the war, the battle of Britain?
        How many major battles has America lost in recent decades and how many significant “wins” can it claim to its credit? With nothing but military defeat globally; with military bases and NATO maintenance drinking the lifeblood out of American taxpayers; the economy sustained with Ponzi scheme banking, what now, brown cow?

        If the home front collapses into social and economic chaos, where to then? The “Hunger Games” seems quite an appropriate analogy.

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      • Yes. Pride goes before the fall — a lesson no narcissist has ever learned on his or her own, without fate forcing them to do so (if that).

        Where to then? remains to be seen. One option would be democratic socialism, but Americans have been so propagandized against it that it is unlikely.

        We’ll see.

        Whatever comes will be very difficult, especially for the most vulnerable, obviously. Dismantling Obamacare, for one, will result in untold and needless suffering for many.

        Evil is an appropriate word to use for those who in full awareness inflict such suffering on others.

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    • I do believe he’s going to start a war or two. His stupid militaristic macho posturing points to that already.

      Apparently he wanted to have a parade of tanks and missile launchers during his inauguration, but was somehow persuaded against it (I’d love to hear that “discussion”).

      The biggest narcissistic wusses, the most despicable, coddled cowards, are the ones who are always so eager to send other men (and women) to war for their sick dreams of glory. I do hope against hope that the American brass has enough brains and guts to oppose the dangerous moron-in-chief when he gets on his military kick.

      Yeah, no, I actually don’t have that hope, sorry; I take it back.

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  1. Well-done, yet again. The “tremendousest” is the best! I cringe every time he uses that word.

    Kelly Anne Conway is a perfect match for him. She’s every bit as heartless and reminds me of Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series. I’m so surprised by how quickly and easily she lies. I remember when Trump first hired her. I remember thinking, “Well, that’s a smart move. She can come up with a lie and talk her way out of any fact.” I also knew she’d be trouble.

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      • She knows. Just a few months ago, she worked for Ted Cruz and ripped into Trump in every possible way, calling him on his own lies and obfuscations with that special charm that she has.

        But now that she works for him, she’s radically changed her tune.

        A professional liar for hire.


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